In Artsvalua, s. l. we offer the best technicians in all areas of the RESTORATION, being able to guarantee the most complete service in the sector, always with the best prices and under budget accepted. Know at all times the real value of their possibilities, which will allow you to make the most appropriate decision in each moment and make the dream of recovering, in the piece that you want, in all its splendor.

Generally, when we speak of restoration we think works for the treatment of works of art, directed mainly to the repair of damages or the restitution of its original appearance. If it is true, that this is ultimately its main objective, the restorers can work in the other multitude of aspects, beyond the purely aesthetic, oriented not only to the conservation of the works, but also to its necessary value.

Between the work done by a technician restorer is, perhaps, the preventive conservation one of the most important, as it is essential to ensure the durability of a work or collection in the best conditions. This is achieved by performing routine maintenance tasks on the works, usually without the need to directly intervene on them, in such a way that is going to get slow down its degradation, or to prevent any further damage that may cause, inevitably, the restoration, or their irreparable loss. For the determination of the conditions for preservation are more favorable, in consideration of the particular collection, it is essential to the design and development of Plans of Preventive Conservation and Emergency. These documents allow us to know, in a comprehensive way, the state in which is located a collection and the pieces that compose it, its uniqueness and its own needs, from a scientific-technical analysis that will define conservation guidelines and protocols of action in different situations, thus avoiding to carry out actions of a nature generalist that may be unnecessary or even detrimental to the conservation of our works. In addition, the drafting of an Emergency Plan, tailored to the individual circumstances and needs of each collection, is shown as an essential document to avoid, or in the worst case minimize, the devastating effects that an accident of natural character, or a situation of emergency arising out of human action, can result in an historic building, a collection, or a work of singular character.


Also, the restorer working in the advice tétechnique and in the design and drafting of all kinds of reports of character scientificfico-tétechnical that support and complement documents valuation of works of art, certificates of authenticity, appraisals, etc, providing a valuation tétechnique objective that complements or serves as the basis of the documents issued by other professionals. Alsoén prepares reports of conservation status, or Condition Report, which certifiesto the conditions in which we find a particular work of art at a particular time, documents that the vast majority of the times are essential in the mediation with insurers or administrative institutions of official character.

These are just some of the services that the catering companies offer additional services to the operation itself, and which are truly useful, if not essential, to the time of approaching to the knowledge, conservation status, and including, the protection of our works of art and our cultural heritage, offering the possibility to deepen in the definition of their peculiarities, and also, in the assessment of their own needs.

Always, and in any case, the best way to care for and benefit of the art is to know it and protect it.

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