In our team we have forensic Experts in Industrial and Intellectual Property so that we can offer you any technical report in terms of distinctive signs, trademarks or trade names in any scope of conflict is found: preliminary studies, name conflicts, comparative reports (from similarity of sound, phonetics, image, style, colours, unfair competition...).

Our work will provide the evidence necessary to resolve your problem.

Our reports are valid in both judicial and administrative so that you can use for the valuation of assets of companies, balance sheets of companies, verification of values, appraisals briefing prior to the purchase/sale, separation of assets among the partners, distribution of assets, guarantees for finance or social security, fractionation of VAT, fractionation social security, garnishments, loans,...

We are specialized in the processing, management and development of all types of expert reports. Our team of experts performs appraisals, expert opinions and reports court and part in a wide variety of disciplines and/or specializations.

We collaborate with professionals of recognized prestige and experience verifiable in their professional field and court. The experts have been selected and ratified in advance by our company, to ensure the provision of their professional services.