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Criteria for fixing the professional fees of the activity of the expert:

These criteria have been drawn up by a Committee appointed for that purpose by the Board of Directors of the ANTPM (National Association of Appraisers, Expert witnesses, and Mediators), to guide the client on the basis that you can take into consideration when fixing the professional fees earned by the activity expert of any kind, and especially within Criminology and forensic Psychology.

To these effects, it is important to take into account the prohibition of charging fees according to a percentage of the outcome of the litigation, which would be a total loss of objectivity and impartiality indispensable in the performance of an expert.

In general, to fix the fees to be weighed the various factors in each case are present, such as the professional work performed, the complexity of the specific study of the object of the expertise, the time spent in the execution of the order and the financial responsibility of the matter.

These criteria are intended to serve as a reference, in any specialty, for the calculation of the professional fees earned by the activity of the expert is entrusted.

In any case, the margin of the greater or lesser variation that could be made in the amount according to the type and degree of difficulty of the work required, it is advisable to always keep in mind that, at all times, our performance is governed by the efficiency, professionalism, objectivity, accuracy and honesty.

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1st Determination of the fees.

These criteria include the normal course, regular and frequent in the professional performance of the expert.

In judicial matters these criteria include the normal intervention and complete in the procedure, in accordance with the procedural rules in force, provided including consultations and pre-meetings, the examination and study of history, the proceedings regular, the outputs from the firm within the same city, the drafting of the opinion, etc

In those cases, judicial and non-judicial, in that are no special circumstances that require a greater or lesser number of actions than the usual, you will be able to increase or reduce the fees in proportion to the work actually done.

For the fixing of fees, shall take into account the volume and complexity of the records examined, the time invested and the financial responsibility in litigation of a matter subject to expert opinion, if it were valuable cash, especially in those expert opinions are considered exceptional due to their volume, complexity or involvement of other experts, with assistance, to trial.

When the expert has accepted the office or has commenced work and has not been able to conclude the work of the expert is entrusted, by causes beyond its control, including the withdrawal or subsequent agreement of the parties, shall be entitled to receive the amount of the fees accrued up to that time.


2nd Remuneration for working time.

Where it is not appropriate to bill within the meaning of any of the recommendations contained in the present criteria, or, having so agreed with those who commissioned the expertise, may be used as the system of remuneration for working time employee.

In such cases it is taken as the unit clock a minimum of 60 minutes (50 euros).
Per hour of work, taking into account the complexity of the subject, will graduate fees prudencialmente, with a value of 150 euros.

This criterion will be applied in your case for consultation, as well as for meetings with other experts from the same or another profession, provided that you held in the professional offices of the expert. In case that you have to carry out outside the office or outside of your locality, it will increase the amounts, prudencialmente in connection with each course and with independence, in any case supplied that are generated by transfer costs, accommodation, meals, etc, that may be passed on to those in charge of the expertise.


3rd Update of the fixed amounts:

To the object to neutralize the alterations of value that can occur in the fixed amounts identified by these criteria, these shall be stabilized – annually - by applying the deflator of the consumer price index (CPI), taking as a base the first of January 2012.


4th necessary Expenses for the development of expertise.

In expenditure in the compliance of the expertise should be directed to the expert to make necessary expenditures, the amount of their fees will be added, as supplemented, for the costs incurred.


5th Application of the provision of funds.

In order to cope with the expenses and fees accrued and accruing, which are needed for the development of the expertise, the expert may request, to who or whom is involved, the amount that you understand to cover such concepts, on account of the total amount of expertise. In case of be necessary to incur other costs not determined, in principle, the expert may request new supply of funds to care for them.


6th Intervention the mediator of the Board of Directors of A. N. T. P. M.( NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF APPRAISERS, EXPERT witnesses, AND MEDIATORS)

The Board of Directors shall act in accordance with the criteria contained herein on the invoices which judicial or non-judicial matters submitted to it for consideration. Corresponds to the Board or to the Commission created for that purpose to resolve the doubts that may arise in the application and interpretation of these criteria.