Internet advertising, also known as online advertising, is every day more important for any business. The Internet wins the audience every moment. Many companies already know the profitability that offers advertising on the Internet. The investment in digital advertising in Spain had a growth of 10% over the last year. If you are still not convinced, customer service can give you the keys to making a profitable investment in online advertising.

There are multiple mediums for advertising on the Internet. The traditional text, links, banners, videos, animation or still have strength in the network, but are giving way to the growing market of online advertising contextual. Artsvalua has entered the sector with a system of sponsored ads:

In our case it is about an annual fee or monthly instalments on which gives you the right to advertise and participate as a sponsor and advertiser in all the campaigns that Artsvalua always perform implied directly with your field.

This same method of advertising online is emerging on Facebook, the social network most visited in the world. In this social media, businesses can segment their ads with a lot of detail to reach out to your target audience.

Of nothing it serves to attract traffic that is not qualified to our website. The systems-contextual or targeted advertising on the Internet allow us to invest in only the users who are looking for our products, services, topics, etc

From our position, we offer our clients strategic advice before launching an ad campaign. In addition, we manage the strategies of advertising in Facebook and advertising in Artsvalua, offering thorough reports and follow-up reports for each advertising campaign in Internet.

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If you want to ask any questions about advertising on the Internet, request quotes, or to share suggestions with us, please contact us.


The Advertising in Artsvalua is currently one of the best outputs and investments on the Internet if you are engaged or manages any type of business in line with our services.

Your business cannot be left behind. A campaign of positioning is fundamental to increase your sales, or achieve any other of their objectives on the Internet. You will only pay to Artsvalua the amount monthly or annually as agreed depending on the size and destination as well as the participation in campaigns.

What are the advantages of the advertising of Artsvalua?

  • Ads will show to all users that are interested in our explicit content. More than 30 000 visits per month.
  • Allows you to segment accurately the campaigns and goals of the ads.
  • Allows a direct link to your website or business from the main page
  • Allows you to follow the campaigns in our complex and structured analytics.
  • Accommodation custom in our server for your page, one of the best exclusive use.


In Artsvalua we have experts in management of advertising, that will help you to direct, prepare and publish all the processes of the campaign including the hosting of your website if necessary.

  • Strategic consulting for the definition of campaigns.
  • Study of the key words.
  • Drafting of advertisements.
  • Management of campaigns via the tool Artsvalua Analytics.
  • Reports on the state of the campaigns.
  • Web hosting on a dedicated server.

If you want to know more about advertising in Artsvalua, ask us your questions or to request a quote, we will gladly assist you.