Our Experts of Works of Art are either licensed in Fine Arts by the university of Fine Arts, or are knowledgeable people knowledgeable in the sector, or even people that are artists and so knowledgeable of the art world a sculptural and/or paint.

To perform the valuation of works of art, our experts do an analysis or study of such aspects as:

  • Comparison of Signatures of the Author.
  • Basic analysis and ocular inspection of the pigmentation of the work, and strokes, typical of the author (comparison).
  • Study of the Market of works sold by the Author or Artist.
  • Analysis eye the type of materials employed by the Artist and his style of brush, chisel, and the work in question.

As to the age dating of the work, this is already more complex and will have to use techniques more typical of Chemistry or Licensed in Chemistry that the Experts of Art. However, in Barcelona we have expert chemists and restoration workshops, or through official institutions and/or universities with the necessary equipment to analyze materials and to give an approximate date of the work.

Normally the appraisals of works of Art, are requested in situations of inheritances, the valuation of movable property, donations, realization of insurance, or in situations of particular interest for the purchase-sale.

We are specialized in the processing, management and development of all types of expert reports. Our team of experts performs appraisals, expert opinions and reports court and part in a wide variety of disciplines and/or specializations.

We collaborate with professionals of recognized prestige and experience verifiable in their professional field and court. The experts have been selected and ratified in advance by our company, to ensure the provision of their professional services.