Artsvalua sl in their auction has as object the sale of real artistic or of a similar nature that are mandated for this purpose acting as mediators between the owner and the buyer of the lots.

We offer a serious and transparent service, still backed by the major entities of survey and valuation in addition to working with professionals with over 20 years in the world of auctions. Through the internet Artsvalua offers to its clients whether they are buyers or sellers the opportunity to sell or acquire a rigorous but fun and online luxury items such as jewelry, art, painting, classic, motor, real estate, heritage, etc

Artsvalua offers several types of auctions

  Auction expiration time

Auctions interactive

Reverse auctions

 Live auction


Through their auctions daily the user can access a wide range of items at a very competitive price depending on the exclusivity contract of sale of the assignor-seller. Our job is to select, assess, evaluate and put to auction an unlimited number and journal items for all those customers who wish to participate.

To place a bid in Artsvalua it is necessary to register with any of the user options once read and approved the general terms and Conditions of sale: Here

Between the link of the home page login top right of our pageHOME and fill correctly the e-mail address, very important to check that the email address is correct, once you have entered “Create your account” and fill in the boxes with your data. The form will ask you to enter a “password”. This will guarantee the privacy and the authenticity of bids, since when you place a bid in the bidding history will be visible to your user name (NICK) that you can modify or change at will, once inside you will be able to bid using our system: ADD to MY BID OR ADD MY AUTOPUJA.

Your personal data must be true and correct as to any misrepresentation or manipulation, Artsvalua will be removed from the registered client. Once you have sent the correct form, Artsvalua you accept as a user and send, via mail, the approval, so that it can act as a bidder. Register as a user entitles you to access the Newsletter Artsvalua published in: FACEBOOK or TWITTER for their users, with the latest developments, offers or events and extraordinary auctions: check HIGH NEWSLETTER, if you are interested.

Once you have been approved your user registration by Artsvalua, you can operate on the page as a bidder.

When you enter the tab of the batch of interest, check the amount bid without decimal places or decimal points or commas Example: ( 8000 ) .and press with your mouse to ADD MY BID or ADD MY AUTOPUJA depending on where you have decided to enter the amount. Remember that your bid does not include the % of commission is engraved with the corresponding VAT and, in any case, the cost of shipping, packaging and/or management enrollment historical are included in the price of the award.


ADD MY BID amount Your bid is passed directly to the system always comply with the "minimum break" marked at that time, depending on the amount of the batch.

ADD MY AUTOPUJA our system will increase automatically only and exclusively in case of overcoming of the same to defend your bid up to the stop marked. If another user enters a autopuja higher than yours, will be surpassed by the "minimum break" marked at that time, depending on the amount of the batch.

MINIMUM BREAK is located under ADD MY BIDDING and wrath, varying depending on the amount of the last bid and its estimate of market:




Of 10€ to 100€, the minimum break shall be 10€

Of 101€ to 500€, the minimum break shall be of 50€

Of 501€ to 1000€ for the minimum break will be £ 100

From 1001€ to 10000€ the minimum break will be of 500€

Of 10001€ to 50000€, the minimum break shall be of 1000€

50001€ to 100000€, the minimum break shall be of 5000€

Of 100001€ to 500000€, the break shall be at least 10000€

This table is indicative and ArtsValua sl reserves the right to change it if necessary, the field minimum break this in all the batches and reported at all times.


You have the possibility to bid for the amount immediately above or a higher amount, always respecting the "minimum break" marked on each lot. In this last case we strongly recommend you do so in the section of Autopuja. The Autopuja is an automatic system and stores in its memory the bid is higher you have made, the which there shall not be another user will exceed.

Remember to place a bid you must always be logged on as a user.

The lots presented at auction, depending on the exclusivity contract of sale have a reserve Price, i.e. a minimum price confidentially agreed upon between the consignor or transferor-seller and Artsvalua. If at the end of the auction the last bid does not reach this reserve price, the lot will not be awarded and, therefore, cannot be sold. Before the end of the auction, the transferor-seller can change the reserve price is to low to accept, or come to the last existing offer at that time. Therefore, the reserve price agreed upon can be modified to the floor with the consent of the assignor-seller.

In Artsvalua there are also lots Price, without reserve, therefore, are sold whenever there is a bid, whatever the value of this.

It is strictly forbidden for any transferor/seller, he personally or through third parties, bidding on their own lots with the aim of increasing the values of the award of the lots and not with the intention of purchase. In the case that it is detected an action of this type, Artsvalua reserves the right to immediately cancel the user accounts used/s with this order, and check out the auction lots of the transferor seller.

In the event that a batch has not reached the reserve price if that is the case, ArtsValua reserves the right to re-take auction or return the lot depending on the exclusivity contract of sale signed with the assignor-seller.(*If the user places a bid within the last three minutes, the system automatically will increase in another three minutes the time before the end of the auction, giving the possibility to the bidders to place a bid or to reach the minimum sale price, if any).

Once the time duration of the auction, when you are instructed to “Auction Finished”,(the system automatically will not accept more bids, but those made in the regular time before the end of take several tenths of a second saved in our system, especially in the case of AUTOPUJA last second) the user can view and manage your account online if the lot has reached the reserve price and, therefore, if the batch has been awarded and sold will automatically go to your account where you will be able to make the payment.

If you are the successful bidder on a lot, you will receive an e-mail informing him of the award after the end of the auction of the day:

"We inform you that the last bid placed in Artsvalua has been winning.
Telling you how to make the payment in cash, either through our secure site credit card or by transfer you can do so in your account by entering in: putting your e-mail address and password. Once in your account, look for "MY AUCTIONS" and follow the payment instructions. Check your delivery address.

Our team will be shortly in contact with you to advise you and help you in what is necessary, specify date and time of transportation, etc you Can track your shipment through your online account." The settlement period is seven working days.

As a customer, from the section “My addresses” on the web, you can change their data, as well as the user code and your password under “My personal data”, to access the conduct bidding and from the “My Account” section within the “My auctions” you can consult all the updated information regarding your bids, purchases, sales or payments. If you wish to unsubscribe as a user, you must contact us, via mail or phone.

Purchases made at a particular auction, is an operation that is subject to the Tax on Patrimonial transfers, and taxes ceded to the Autonomous Communities so that there will be regulations particular, being the passive subject of the tax, the purchaser, it must perform the self-assessment of the fee resulting from applying the tax rate in effect on the date of the acquisition, in the Autonomous Community where it has its tax domicile, using the model form intended for this purpose, normally the model 600.

The operations in which it intervenes Artsvalua are subject to the provisions of the Spanish Law and, more specifically, to the provisions that regulate the contracts of mediation, deposit and.

Once the batch has been assigned, they will send you a budget indicating the hammer price and the additional costs. The hammer price of the piece adds a 17,356% of commission. This commission is subject to VAT, and therefore, there will be added the 21% VAT. If you need transportation, it is also presupuestará depending on the nature of the lot and the place of destination. Transport costs are also subject to VAT.

Once you have liquidated the lot, Artsvalua proceed to make arrangements for the packing and transport of the piece. The average delivery time is between seven and ten days. This time may vary depending on the availability of the part in our facilities, if you must pick them up at the place of deposit or if the piece requires packaging or special settings. If the client requests a grouping of lots in order to reduce the costs of transport, we will wait to receive the last batch for shipment, although the deadlines for payment of the same will have to be met.

Collected on the premises of Artsvalua:
You can pick up your lots at our facilities in Barcelona, once you have been informed by email that the lots are available. In the event that it is not you who pick up the lot or lots sold, shall give an authorization to the person who's going to do it by means of an authorization document or via e-mail.

Shipping by MRW, NACEX, TIPSA, Packlink PRO: he usually works with MRW as service transport and messaging. Artsvalua sends an e-mail indicating that your submission is already prepared. Pick-ups are normally done in the evening, except in cases of urgent deliveries. Shipment via MRW used to recepcionarse in the next 24-48 hours.
Shipments are made by MRW have an insurance that covers up to 3,000 euros on the price of adjudication, this insurance is optional and will be included upon acceptance and payment. Any claim for a shipment to be made within 48 hours of its receipt. After this period, there will be no insurance coverage. It is also necessary to retain the original packaging in order to make the claim.
If you want to receive the piece in a different direction from that which has been specified as a user, you must indicate in the “alternative address” sending in your USER REGISTRATION or send it by mail to
Collection of lots for his carrier including:
You can use your own means of transport, or hire the of your preference directly. Artsvalua, by default, it includes the price of transportation in your budget. So, if you want to hire your own transport or collect the lot personally, it is necessary that you inform us as soon as possible to send you the liquidation budget without that charge. In this case only, you will be charged the packaging in case it necessary.

It is not necessary to be a registered user to travel through our website.
Registration as a user does not have any charge. As a member of a community with a common interest, the only prerequisite to any operation is the acceptance of the general conditions.

Urge your questions with our staff before bidding on any of our lots and/or property in a public auction, because in case of winning a lot and does not make cash payment Artsvalua shall be entitled to make a claim and ask for compensation committees that would be charged for its sale.

Once registered, the user agrees to use the means of the web page with the purpose for which they were created and to act in accordance with the legislation in force, respecting the privacy policy and moral characteristics of the page, being the power of Artsvalua the fact that before the breach of any of these conditions and rules may suspend or delete the user's account without prior notice or right to any type of compensation.


If you are thinking of participating in an auction, or you would like subastemos a product of a quick and easy way in we provide you with our email information and the collection of articles:


Incidents in the Auction

In the event that there is any incidence of connectivity or access to the service Artsvalua, this will be notified to the last user, bidder.

In any case, Artsvalua reserves the right to extend the auction to the following day to ensure the access of all users, or cancel the Auction affected.

The lots of the auction are presented on the web with a full cataloging with images that can be enlarged and videos, in many cases, additional to the user-buyer may have a complete vision of the state in which they are found. Artsvalua, in addition, makes available a service of advice to inform you on the state of conservation of the piece, its author, market prices or any other data available. The advice will be provided in accordance with the reasonable and prudent judgment of Artsvalua but without assuming any responsibility for the content of such information and, therefore, the purchaser must form his own conviction.

The data of the gallery of images relating to the author, origin, antiquity, provenance and state of the lots are included after careful investigation, verification and advice, but about its accuracy, Auctions Artsvalua does not accept any liability. Artsvalua sl only and exclusively accept responsibility in the event that they have been used explicitly under contract, and invoice the services of some of our forensic experts on authentication, accuracy and/or appraisal of Artsvalua. SL debugging responsibilities. The interested parties must form their own views with regard to the parts before the close of the auction. If the user-buyer wants to physically see a lot, you can request it to Artsvalua Auction that will help this fact whenever possible


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