Alta como Vendedor

High as a seller

Register for free as a seller. Can offer many items with a minimum value of € 300. With a few exceptions.

Ask our opinion.

Contact Artsvalua by e-mail, phone or WhatsApp or visítenos to give us information about the parts that you want to sell. If it is a large collection or important parts, one of our experts can visit you personally.

Send objects

Once our team has approved its objects, and descriptions, will be scheduled for auction. Their lots will be exhibited for 15 days, approximately, in the virtual exhibition portal-web Artsvalua with a full cataloguing and collection of images, and during this period.

The thrill of the auction

Feel the excitement of the auction when bidders from around the world to do their bidding for their objects catalogued, users of Artsvalua will be able to make their bids until the date and time of close of the auction. You can follow comfortably the entire process from your computer. Once awarded, the piece will receive a notification by e-mail with all the information.

Earn money safely

You are the custodian of the work during the auction process, Artsvalua can help you arrange packing and shipping of the piece to our facility. Please contact with us. You can also use your own company or bring it yourself to our headquarters.

Approximately 7 days after the reception of the piece by the customer, Artsvalua make the payment to the seller, minus commission and any other expenses agreed on the hammer price.

No one will ask you to send your items until the buyer has transferred the payment.

Is always informed

Through your account as a seller will have access to invoices, and follow-up, you will be informed of the whole process with only a click, you will be able to adjust their items and the data that you need.




Once you have made your discharge, please contact customer service to finalize details and manage your account at:

Phone Att. +034 93 5275446




Do you have any cost to do an appraisal?

Artsvalua performs appraisals for free when the object of these is the auction of the pieces. In the case that a specific piece required certifications or expert valuations by our experts, the expenses incurred shall be borne by the assignor-seller. If you need a survey, appraisal or expertización for distribution of inheritances, legal matters, etc, Artsvalua puts at your disposal the service of APPRAISAL & VALUATION prior proforma approved.

Do all the pieces that are sent to rate come into auction?

No, the parts that come in the auction must meet the characteristics of quality, antiquity, originality, etc that are relevant in each case and that Artsvalua selected in accordance with the profile of our customers. We try that all the parts are checked physically before entering the auction to verify the data provided and their characteristics.

What if I sell a piece at auction, how long does it take to receive payment?

And ends up with a lot, Artsvalua sends budget for payment to the successful bidder-buyer must be settled in a period of seven days. Once collected, Artsvalua proceeds in accordance with the seller at the time of delivery, once we received the part for our buyer in 7 days according to the law made the payment by bank transfer.

What advantages can I have if I sell at auction instead of selling it directly?

Sell in Artsvalua offers considerable advantages. Artsvalua conducts auctions on a daily basis and this involves a great deal of agility and speed in the process. From the day that the piece goes into the auction, you can follow the process directly through our website in your account as a seller to the detail and this allows you to be informed at all times of how it develops the auction. The advantages compared to the direct selling are clear, in that you access to a portfolio much more widely for potential buyers and this allows you to get a price much more favorable.

How long does it take to receive my appraisal?

Depending on the piece, the valuation tends to be immediate. If you send the images from your account, our experts will visit you in your home, if necessary, we perform the valuation on the same day of acceptance within your account. The follow-up is very easy.

How much will it cost me to include a batch in the auction?

The commission is mark at the time of discharge and acceptance of the terms and Conditions of sale for vendors , and is 10% not including tax.If it is a piece that has generated special expenses of restoration, certification of authenticity by an expert external to Artsvalua, storage or special packaging, transport, etc, these will be charged to the transferor-seller part of the commission.

Is there a minimum price?

As already indicated in the terms and Conditions of sale for sellers, the majority of pieces in the auction have a reserve price, i.e. a minimum price confidentially agreed upon between the transferor-seller and If at the end of the auction the last bid does not reach this reserve price, the lot will not be awarded and, therefore, cannot be sold. Before the end of the auction, the transferor-seller can change the reserve price is to low to accept, or come to the last existing offer at that time. Thus, the reserve price agreed is movable to the floor. In Artsvalua there are also lots to Price free, this means that there is no reserve price and, therefore, are sold, provided there is a bid, whatever the value of this.

How do I know that, during the auction has reached the reserve price?

The process of auction of each lot in the bidding system of Artsvalua indicated in the bid history if the last bid has not reached the reserve price set (Not Reached Reserve Price), inviting the bidders to continue bidding if they want to win that lot. In this case, the system would admit that a same bidder exceeds your last bid in order to meet the reserve price and win the lot. Once the time duration of the auction, when the timer says “This auction has finished”, will immediately be informed if the batch has or has not, been awarded.

Why in Artsvalua there is no starting price for the lots?

In Artsvalua we have preferred to adopt the system downlaod of auction Estimate and reserve Price as that seems to us a system that is more flexible and allows a greater rapprochement and understanding between Supply and Demand.