Expert report of psychological examiner. This type of report is used in multiple cases: workplace harassment, mobbing, psychic damage, disability,... Should show the results of the studies and tests performed to examine the judge.

The report of the expert psychological, theoretically, do not have a profile binding and will be one more proof in the judicial process to assess by the judge, but in practice these documents have great relevance for their decision making as they have a great confidence in the work done by psychologists in forensic and their teams.

We are specialized in the processing, management and development of all types of expert reports. Our team of experts performs appraisals, expert opinions and reports court and part in a wide variety of disciplines and/or specializations.

We collaborate with professionals of recognized prestige and experience verifiable in their professional field and court. The experts have been selected and ratified in advance by our company, to ensure the provision of their professional services.