Artsvalua is born from the rigor and the illusion of professionals who are passionate about Art in general and with a track record of over 20 years in several of the sectors most representative. Artsvalua s. l. modestly was born in the year 2011, with a single purpose, to offer to address all of the services that it is currently impossible to achieve in a single signature without scrolling or without cumbersome transport and insurance.


To get give the best service although we are adhering specializing in the wide world of art with a deal as customized as possible, we have the support of important partners to the professionals.


Our Firm is considered fully bound by the obligations of professional secrecy with regard to the technical and economic data which by the nature of their work have access in accordance with article 11 of the Royal Decree 775/1997 of 30 May. Objectivity, impartiality and total asepsis, since our Firm is an entity totally independent and without any link with state bodies or para-statal banks, holdings, insurance brokers or companies or groups of any type which ensures that, in addition to confidential our reports are fully impartial when there is not possibility of being influenced by any interest or trend.


In Artsvalua, s. l. we offer the best technicians in all areas of expertise or pricing, being able to guarantee the most complete service in the sector of investment, valuation, appraisal, and survey. Know at all times the real value of their assets and immobilized, which will allow you to make the most appropriate decision in each moment.


Associated with No. GB-01147 of the ANTPM (National Association of Appraisers, Expert witnesses, and Mediators), partners, No. 1895 of the IGE (Gemological Institute Spanish), referee no. 03481 through the JORGC (Col·legi Oficial de Joiers, d Goldsmiths, Rellotgers i Gemmòlegs of Catalunya) and a future member of the "Cos of Perits" appointed by the government. Through the Association of Appraisers and Jewelry and of all of these bodies comes to us the information required for updating of prices, of this changing market.


Also noteworthy is the direct connection with the bag of diamonds in New York through White Pine as a direct partner in Spain.


My name is Eugeni Atienza and I am a Court Expert # E-1610-08, "Expert Appraiser in gemology and jewelry" with a degree awarded by the Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes, "as an Expert in Gemology and Jewelry" by the School of Criminology of Catalonia and Expert in the Graduation of Diamond CIBJO, HRD and GIA, awarded by IGE with no. 1895, Gemological Institute Spanish; I have over 25 years of experience as an expert appraiser in art and antique work that I have dedicated to some of the auctioneers at the state level. I have performed work for different companies, where the main responsibilities were the direction and management. Currently Director and partner of ArstvaluA SL Member of the A. N. T. P. M. (National Association Of Appraisers, Experts, and Mediators), with the # E-1610-08, collegiate no. 03481 through the JORGC (Col•legi Oficial de Joiers, d Goldsmiths, Rellotgers i Gemmòlegs de Catalunya). Through the association of jewellery appraisers and of all the organisms previously named I get the necessary information for the update of what's new, prices for this changing market and policy developments and professional


You I recognize for having been 10 years Auctioneer Sala Barna, Barcelona, 8 years auctioneer MAPLE Auction, Barcelona and 3 years in Auctions Ryskal, Mallorca lately, where my main responsibility was administration and management.


Artsvalua Auctions and our online shop is a service created solely to facilitate the client provider that you want, the direct connection with the particular client concerned, expanding the possibilities of sale, this is a free service, only in the case of sale will be charged a small fee for maintenance and expenses.

Artsvalua Auctions has a team of young, dynamic, entrepreneurial, and prepared to successfully manage the purchase and sale of works of art through customized strategies, a wide portfolio of clients and successful operations of marketing and communication. As a buyer, we offer warranty and reliability and, as a seller, a system that is agile and easy that will allow you to auction off their pieces with guarantees of success.

Every day, you can participate in the auction where there is a large demand and supply, see and buy directly in our online store. Our system will allow us to take important positions and will provide many people their first contact with the art market, not only because it is easy to operate in the auction, but also for their comfort, because without moving from home and from any corner of the world, you have access to Artsvalua Auctions or to your store online.



We try to offer a growing range of works, always reviewed by our experts and we want our users to feel able to identify themselves with and feel attracted by our offer. That's why we want that price should not be an excluding factor, offering works the value of which might be accessible for any pocket and, at the same time, works of great importance and recognition to the artistic level and historical.

In our on-line shop for industry professionals we offer in cooperation with the official distributor for Krüss , with the reliability and quality of the engineering and optical German the possibility of expanding its laboratory or a start in the sector by placing at their disposal and at their home the best quality material in the market at very affordable prices.

Artsvalua s. l. is in the process of growth following the constant technological evolution, increasing the number of parts and the quality of the auction, by offering new services and expanding our community of users. We are delighted to be able to offer, not just a means to buy and sell art, but a personalized advice and home that meets their needs and requirements. The experience, knowledge and enthusiasm of our team will guarantee a good management in order to achieve maximum satisfaction in the operations that you perform with us.

We are convinced that with our experience, dedication, effort and enthusiasm and thanks to your trust, serémos able to contribute to the growth of this project.


Everything said above is nothing not to get on your part, the possibility of desmostrar our versatility both in the rigor of our appraisals and/or valuations, as in the commercial field, forming a team with you, looking for the same interests.