Lab at home :

Comfort, do not send to any laboratory that specializes any of the jewelry, the appraisal is done in the tranquility of the domicile of the client.

Discretion, no one except the client and the expert will know what is rate or sell or their provenance, although there is a comprehensive control for the materials allegedly stolen.

Security, no move or need to hire insurance companies or transportation or shipping, do not move anything in the customer's home.

Transparency, the appraisal is a report according to the regulations that CIBJO brand for labs, argued with publications specialized in bag for gemmology at the date of the appraisal, photographs of every piece, internal and external (if applicable), and contrasts customizing piece and report, not being able to exchange reports crediting it to other pieces that have not been valued at his time.

Personalized guidance, counseling from a professional with 20 years of experience with the possibility of economize on resources and expenses for the sale to third parties.

Professionalism - regulated and entitled to address customizing and advising the best options in each case.

ARTSVALUA SL Has a service on line to speed up the sale completely independent of their appraisals, in the event that what you want the customer can use our web setup to advertise their parts under a small commission only in the event of a sale.


1.- ARTSVALUA SL will perform the appraisal requested (Value: Liquidation, Greater, Replacement) according to the knowledge and understanding of their appraisers are independent and not linked to the purchase-sale of objects valued.

2.- This appraisal can only be understood for the purposes of insurance or partition of assets, in any case can be understood as a price to perceive in the market of purchase-sale,given its diversity and complexity.

3.- The values reflected in this report are based on the tables in the trade published by the sector.

4.- In the case of gems mounted and the impossibility of the gemologist to determine with accuracy the parameters of some gems, you must request an opinion gemological laboratory specialist, also in the case that the tests to be performed require methods with equipment that is not portable and is out of the standards. In any case the opinion of graduation will be required for diamonds weighing over 1.00 ct and any other gem of more than 1.5 ct. The cost of the opinion gemological laboratory, will be increased to the invoice valuation of the customer.

5.-Fees appraisal fee the client agrees to satisfy ARTSVALUA s. l. On these prices will be increased by the applicable VAT.





1 piece simple


5 simple pieces


2 simple pieces


10 simple pieces


3 to 5 simple pieces


Complex parts

add components

The price of the service, according to the published rates, it is piece-rated, and not in relation to the value of the piece appraised.

Simple pieces : those with a number of different components to value less than or equal to 4

Complex parts : those with a number of different components to assess more than 4

Components to assess are: metal, workmanship, gems (each gem is different in nature, size, colour, shape or form be considered a different item), antiquity and signature. Each additional component will increase by 20€.

The complex parts will be invoiced at the price of the piece is simple the more the number of components that incorporates, for each piece, regardless of whether the overall valuation is more than a piece or not.

6.- The appraisal of objects is carried out in the domicile of the client and will be charged once finished. The report gemological or the printed certificate (or on any other computer media) is not included in this service unless budget explicit.

7.- In the event that the jewels will have to remove or you have to use some non-standard method to included and described at the foot of the page, will be delivered to your appraisal and were covered by an insurance of theft, and customized according to customer needs. The amount of this insurance is a 0.002 % of the value declared by the customer. In the event that the customer does not declare a value, these were secured for 3,000€ and the cost of insurance will be€6.

8.- This appraisal does not imply on the part of ARTSVALUA a recognition of the property of the client of the objects assessed.

9.- In the case of gems that do not have a Certificate, Gemological opinion gemological developed by the appraiser, cannot be understood as a certification of the same on the nature (natural or synthetic), qualities, treatments and weights, essential for an accurate assessment of the same. Therefore its assessment is approximate, and considering that it is of natural gems and without treatments.

10.- The appraisal is done solely for the particular time and place in the same, since the valuations may vary substantially in function of the different markets and dates of valuation.



Liquidation value: the Value of the raw materials metals and gems before their manufacture.

Value Greater or Manufacturing Cost: standard Cost of the finished piece by the manufacturer. Included in the price of raw materials, production costs and the commercial margin of the manufacturer and firm in your case.

Replacement value: standard Cost of sales to the public. Includes the trading margin of the retailer. In your case this value may be increased with the age value if any.

Raw materials : component parts of a piece of jewelry: metal and gems

Metals: Metals involved in a piece of jewelry: platinum, gold or silver.

Gems: Minerals of hewn or in the rough that is involved in a piece of jewellery

Workmanship: manufacturing Processes involved on the raw materials for the realization of a jewel: forging, die casting, taken out of the fire, polishing, crimping, enamel, engraving, etc

We are specialized in the processing, management and development of all types of expert reports. Our team of experts performs appraisals, expert opinions and reports court and part in a wide variety of disciplines and/or specializations.

2.-CALCULATION of THE VALUE OF THE COMPONENTS (according to the rules)

Metals: it Is set according to the daily exchange rate of the market of metals, published by the Spanish Society of Precious Metals (SEMPSA)

Gems: Is set according to the tables monthly published by the monthly magazine Gold&Time, and the journal Pearl World, and other media professionals. The weights of the gems are mounted are approximate, and calculated on the basis of the measurements that the appraiser can perform.

Workmanship: The various costs of the manufacturing process, are set according to the tables published by AETA, IGE, JORGC, Association of Setters and other professional associations.



For the determination of the technical features and quality of the piece is the subject of this report, we have proceeded to the corresponding gem analysis, which has been carried out by gemologists diploma, extensive professional experience and following the protocols of laboratory analysis. For the accomplishment of this working REPORT GEMOLOGICO, ASSESSMENT AND/OR CERTIFICATE have been taken into account:

Protocol of Appraisal according to the regulations, international CIBJO, Magazine Gold&time magazine Peral Worl, Tables with approximate cost of manufacture of the Spanish Association of Appraisers of Jewelry, the prices of the metals according to JORGC.

Using the equipment approved PROGEM of our laboratory AT HOME appraisal composed by the following protocol:

Cleaning of parts by ultrasound, the most effective method to reach all the small corners of the piece.

Quality act (in carats) of the metals employed, with the limitations of the method of the stone of touch.

  • Observation with loupe 10X and stereomicroscope 60X, measurement with gauge Leveridge (mm) stones, to find out the most approximate possible to their origin (natural, synthetic or artificial), your weight (cts. Carats), its style and quality of carving and the qualities in terms of color and purity of diamonds.
  • Check with the refractometer, the index of refraction (I. R.), of the coloured stones with his identification.
  • Detailed measurements (mm, mm), weights of stones (ct., carats) and weight of parts (g, grams).
  • Photomicrograph of the hallmarks of manufacturer, laboratory and law of the metals.
  • Photo color each piece with comparative scale in millimeters.
  • Reference color according to the color pattern approved, for colored stones.
  • We have used the spectroscope diffraction in some cases.
  • The replacement value of each piece ( the replacement value indicates the approximate price approximate current in a jewelry setting, not including tax, in Spain).

Queries are made to official dealer watches, and professional numismatists, antique dealers and watchmakers.

In the case of necessity, shall be proof of pencils of hardness.

The qualities in terms of color, purity, and weight (carats, ct.) the diamonds are all approximate if the assessment is done on gems already mounted.

Has been taken as a price pattern to make this assessment, the gold of 24 ktes. The price of that mark professional publications to date of the appraisal. The price of the dollar in euros is the market at the date of this report.

The certification is increasingly necessary and demanded by the final consumer, requires the laboratory continuous recycling. A certificate gives assurance to the professional.

ARSTVALUA in accordance with the PROGEM issues two types of documents lab: CERTIFICATES AND REPORTS.



Document on the nature and properties of the gems, whose data have been obtained by the laboratory according to the international standards of gem analysis.

Types of documents: Graduation Certificate, Diamond Certificate , Gemological



Document on the nature and properties of the gems, whose data have been estimated, when not able to be obtained in accordance with the international standards of gem analysis. This document is created with the utmost rigour according to the knowledge and understanding of their gemologists-specialists.

Types of document: Opinion Gemological and Opinion of Jewelry.

Services without the issuance of the document:


Communication, prior to the certificate, the quality characteristics of a diamond. Are not reflected in a document but are indicated on a label.



Verbal communication about the characteristics of a gem , provided that you do not have to perform in-depth reviews, nor is it necessary to apply advanced techniques.


The data of the documents (certificates and reports) issued by the Laboratory are included in a registry of reports of ARTSVALUA SL These data can be consulted by any person if that person is the owner of the certificate or purchased some stone with it, bringing the number of the corresponding document.

We are specialized in the processing, management and development of all types of expert reports. Our team of experts performs appraisals, expert opinions and reports court and part in a wide variety of disciplines and/or specializations.

We collaborate with professionals of recognized prestige and experience verifiable in their professional field and court. The experts have been selected and ratified in advance by our company, to ensure the provision of their professional services.