In accordance with Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on the Protection of personal Data, we inform you that the personal data of their customers-users are incorporated in a file responsibility of the company commercial ARTSVALUA, SL



Registering is completely free. With your user key, you can participate in the services that this website offers to its users in a personalized way. To sign up you only need to choose a name or alias and have an active e-mail account. If you are concerned about the treatment of your data, you can read our privacy policy.

As a user of this site, it is essential that you are aware that:

When you register, we collect your data (personal information and/or optional information) to provide specific services and customize your experience on the site. It is possible to use the information you have provided to us to send you offers by email or postal mail that may be of interest to you. In each of these emails includes information on how to unsubscribe and stop receiving our emails in the future.

Occasionally, we will send communications by e-mail or post to provide you with information that we think is of interest to you, including information about new products and services, it is Also possible for us to be in contact with you to check if you are interested in participating in market research related with your activity. As part of our policy, we only send emails or postcards to customers who authorize it. In each of these emails includes information on how to unsubscribe and stop receiving our emails in the future.

Usually, we keep the user information until such time that you cancel the subscription or until the expiration of any period necessary described in the regulations in force. You can request details about your personal information that we maintain, and you can also request to exercise the rights you have according to the data protection act. To contact us you can do so from the site .net Or .is or via an e-mail to


To place a bid in Artsvalua it is necessary to register as a user, once read and approved the general Conditions of sale: Here

Between the link of the page of "Login" orMy account and fill in correctly the boxes with your data in case of new user, or your username and password if you have already registered and have received confirmation of Artsvalua SL.

The form will ask you to enter a “user code” and a “password”. This ensures the privacy and authenticity of their offerings, because when you make a purchase, the system is implemented through a secure area of the selected Bank, and to ensure their safety at the time of the sale and keeping you informed at all times whether collected or submitted on your purchase as well as your form of payment.

Your personal data must be true and correct as to any misrepresentation or manipulation, ARTSVALUA SL. will be removed from the registered client.

Once you have sent the correct form, we will accept as a user and send, via mail, the approval, with which you will be able to act as a buyer.

Remember to place a bid you must always be logged on as a user.

The lots presented at auction, depending on the exclusivity contract of sale have a reserve Price, i.e. a minimum price confidentially agreed upon between the consignor or transferor-seller and Artsvalua. If at the end of the auction the last bid does not reach this reserve price, the lot will not be awarded and, therefore, cannot be sold. Before the end of the auction, the transferor-seller can change the reserve price is to low to accept, or come to the last existing offer at that time. Therefore, the reserve price agreed upon can be modified to the floor with the consent of the assignor-seller.

In Artsvalua there are also lots Price, without reserve, therefore, are sold whenever there is a bid, whatever the value of this.

It is strictly forbidden for any transferor/seller, he personally or through third parties, bidding on their own lots with the aim of increasing the values of the award of the lots and not with the intention of purchase. In the case that it is detected an action of this type, Artsvalua reserves the right to immediately cancel the user accounts used/s with this order, and check out the auction lots of the transferor seller.

In the event that a batch has not reached the reserve price if that is the case, Artsvalua reserves the right to re-take auction or return the lot depending on the exclusivity contract of sale signed with the assignor-seller. The auction will be extended in a time of 3 minutes if the offer is included in the last minute before the end. Once the time duration of the auction, when you are instructed to “Auction Finished”,(the system automatically will not accept more bids, but those made in the regular time before the end of take several tenths of a second saved in our system, especially in the case of AUTOPUJA last second) the user can view and manage your account online if the lot has reached the reserve price and, therefore, if the batch has been awarded and sold will automatically go to your account where you will be able to make the payment.

It is not necessary to be a registered user to travel through our website.
Registration as a user does not have any charge. As a member of a community with a common interest, the only prerequisite to any operation is the acceptance of the TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE OF THE ONLINE PLATFORM.

Urge your questions with our staff before bidding on any of our lots and/or property in a public auction, because in case of winning a lot and does not make cash payment Artsvalua shall be entitled to make a claim and ask for compensation committees that would be charged for its sale.

Once registered, the user agrees to use the means of the web page with the purpose for which they were created and to act in accordance with the legislation in force, respecting the privacy policy and moral characteristics of the page, being the power of Artsvalua the fact that before the breach of any of these conditions and rules may suspend or delete the user's account without prior notice or right to any type of compensation.

The user guarantees the authenticity of all data communicated through:, and,

and will keep updated the information you provide to Artsvalua, SL, so that it responds at all times to their real situation, being solely responsible for the manifestations false or inaccurate made, as well as the damage caused by it to Artsvalua, SL or to third parties.

Artsvalua, SL can not assume any responsibility derived from the incorrect use, unsuitable or illicit of the information appeared in the Internet pages of Artsvalua, SL

With the limits established in the law, Artsvalua, SL assumes no liability arising from the lack of veracity, integrity, updating and accuracy of the data or information contained in its Internet pages. The contents and information of the Internet pages of Artsvalua, SL are prepared by professionals duly qualified for the exercise of their profession. However, the contents and information do not bind the aforementioned, nor do they constitute opinions, advices or legal advice of any kind, since it is merely a service offered with an informative and divulgative character.

The Internet pages of Artsvalua, SL may contain links (links) to other pages of third parties. Therefore, it can not assume responsibilities by the content that can appear in pages of third parties. The texts, images, sounds, animations, software and other content included in this website are the exclusive property of Artsvalua, SL or its licensors. Any act of transmission, distribution, assignment, reproduction, storage or total or partial public communication must have the express consent of Artsvalua, SL

In addition, the personal data that you provide when you register as a User, will be registered in a file Property of Artsvalua SL, duly registered in the Spanish Agency of Data Protection with the purpose to answer queries and obtain statistical data from them, as well as for sending information, notifications, promotions and advertising. These personal data that you provide freely may be disclosed to third parties, always within the assignments legally established and permitted by Law 15/1999 therefore, you may exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to Artsvalua SL.

Artsvalua, SL is not responsible for the misuse of passwords that you can perform as a user. It is the user's responsibility to duly guard the keys and passwords provided for access as a user, preventing the misuse or access by third parties.

Also, your acceptance to this Legal Notice is providing explicit consent to Artsvalua, S. L. can send advertising or promotional communications by email or other means of communication, in the terms established by Law 34/2002, Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce. In the case of not being interested in receiving such communications, please contact Artsvalua, SL, to the above address or by e-mail expressing your will.



The contents provided by Artsvalua, SL are subject to the rights of intellectual and industrial property and are of the exclusive ownership of Artsvalua, SL or natural or legal persons who report. With the purchase of a product or service, Artsvalua, SL not grant the purchaser any right of alteration, exploitation, reproduction, distribution or public communication of it, reserving Artsvalua, SL all these rights. The assignment of the mentioned rights will require the prior written consent of the owner of the same, so that the client can not make available to third parties such content.

The intellectual property extends, apart from the content included in Artsvalua, SL, its graphics, logos, designs, images and source codes used for its programming.

Artsvalua, SL has obtained the Information and materials included in the web from sources considered as reliable and, although reasonable measures have been taken to ensure that the contained information is correct, Artsvalua, SL can not guarantee that in all moments and circumstances that information is exact, complete, updated and, consequently, should not be relied upon as if it were. Artsvalua, SL expressly disclaims any responsibility for any errors or omissions in the Information contained in the pages of this website.

Artsvalua, SL reserves the right to modify, suspend, cancel or restrict the web content, links or information obtained through it, without need of prior notice. It in no case assumes any liability as a result of the incorrect use of the web that can carry out the user, both the information and the services contained therein.

In any case Artsvalua, SL, its partners and/or work centres, directors and/or attorneys, employees and, in general, the authorised staff be liable for any type of damage, losses, claims or expenses of any kind, whether come, directly or indirectly, of the use and/or diffusion of the web or the Information acquired or accessed by or through it, or of its computer viruses, operational failures or interruptions in the service or transmission or line failure in the use of the web, both by direct connection by link or other means, constituting for all legal purposes a warning to any user that these possibilities and events can occur.

Artsvalua, SL is not responsible for the webs do not own which may be accessed through links or links (“links”) or for any content put at the disposal of third parties. Any use of a link or access to a web itself is not done by the will and exclusive risk of the user. Artsvalua, SL does not recommend or guarantee any of the/s Information/is obtained/s by or through a link, nor accepts any liability for any loss, claim or damage arising from the use or misuse of a link, or Information obtained through it, including other links or webs, for the interruption in the service or the access, or the attempt to use or ill use a link, both when connecting to the web Artsvalua, SL as to access information of other webs from the same.



If you want to participate in our blog prior authorization through our website, you accept these rules:

1.- The responsibility of the User. By participating in the blogs of the website you are solely responsible for the messages that you transmit through those, ensuring Artsvalua, SL the total indemnity against any claim that may be planteársele by such concepts.

In the case that the messages contain material protected by rights of intellectual or industrial property, the user guarantees that he is its owner or has authorization from the owner to spread it on the Blog.

And is exempt Artsvalua, SL of any third party claim that is raised by such concepts.

2. The user must, before posting a message, choose the appropriate content. Those messages that do not conform to the theme of the blog will be deleted. It is completely forbidden to publish promotions and links to commercial offers, advertising, promotional materials, chain letters or any promotional activity, direct or indirect, or any other type of comment that does not fit the normal development of the themes of the blogs.

3. The user must respect the rest of users. The user should be tolerant and respectful of messages and opinions of other users. You will be able to delete those messages that may be considered harmful to the rights of third parties or violate the peaceful development of blogs.

4. Artsvalua, SL reserves the right to reproduce, modify or spread the messages published on the blogs of the website in accordance with the terms and convenient means without corresponding to the user any kind of compensation.

5. Artsvalua, SL is not responsible of what is published on blogs of the web, or guarantee the truthfulness or accuracy of any information posted in them. Corresponds to the user sender of the messages or information the responsibility for its content.

6. Artsvalua, SL does not guarantee the availability and continuity of service of blogs of the website, and may modify, suspend or delete the website without prior notice, at any time.

7. In the case where a user may be affected by unlawful actions, or detects misuse of the blogs of the website by other users, you can put it in knowledge of Artsvalua, SL, via e-mail, indicating the reference number on the subject “impact of blog”, for that Artsvalua, SL are able to moderate or remove the same.

8. The user shall hold harmless Artsvalua, SL against any claim that may occur for messages that the user has disseminated in blogs or for any other conduct associated with, or arising out of the use by the user of the blogs on the web.



This web site is the property of Artsvalua, SL Intellectual Property rights and rights of exploitation and reproduction of this web, of its pages, screens, the Information they contain, their appearance and design, as well as links (“hyperlinks”) established from it to other web pages of any society contributor and/or dominated Artsvalua, SL, are the exclusive property of, unless expressly specified otherwise. Any denomination, design and/or logotype, and any product or service offered and reflected in this web page, are brands duly registered by Artsvalua, SL, by its subsidiaries and/or dominated, by third parties or through their contracts of collaboration. Any misuse of the same by people other than their legitimate owner and without the express and unequivocal consent on the part of the latter may be denounced and pursued through all legal means existing in the Spanish Legal system and/or community.

Intellectual property rights and brands of third parties are conveniently highlighted and must be respected by everyone gaining access to this page, not being responsible for Artsvalua, SL the use that the user can perform about, solely liable on his person.

Only for personal and private use are allowed to download content, copy or print any page of this website. It is forbidden to reproduce, transmit, modify or delete the information, content or warnings from this web without the prior written authorization of Artsvalua, SL




The present general conditions are governed by Spanish Law, being competent Spanish Courts to entertain any questions arise concerning the interpretation, application and compliance of the same. The user, by virtue of its acceptance to the conditions contained in this legal warning, expressly waives to any jurisdiction that, by application of the Law of Civil procedure in force, might correspond to.



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Privacy policy social networks

In compliance with Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, of Protection of Data of a Personal Nature

(LOPD) and Law 34/2002, of 11 July, Services of Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSI-CE), Artsvalua SL informs users that have proceeded to create a profile in the/s/Network is Social/is Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, twitter, Youtube, and Vimeo with the main purpose of advertise their products and services.

The user has a profile on the same Social Network and has decided to join the page created by Artsvalua, SL, showing interest in the information that is advertised in the Network. By joining our site, you provide us with your consent to the processing of personal data published on your profile.

The user can access at all times to the privacy policies of the own Social Network, as well as configure your profile to ensure your privacy.

Artsvalua, SL has access to and is that user's public information, especially your contact name. These data are only used within the own Social Network. Are not incorporated to any file.

In relation to rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, available to you and that can be exercised before Artsvalua, SL, in accordance with the data protection act, you must take into account the following nuances:

  • Access: Will be defined by the functionality of the Social Network and the ability to access the information of the profiles of the users.
  • Rectification: can Only be satisfied in relation to that information, which is under the control of Artsvalua, SL, for example, delete reviews posted on the page itself. Normally, this right shall be exercised before the Social Network.
  • Cancellation and/or Opposition: As in the previous case, only be satisfied in relation to that information, which is under the control of Artsvalua, SL, for example, stop being attached to the profile.

Artsvalua, SL will perform the following actions:

  • Access to public information of the profile.
  • Publication in the user profile of any information already published on the website of Artsvalua, SL
  • Send personal messages and individual through the channels of the Social Network.
  • Status updates to the page that will be posted on the profile of the user.

The user can always control their connections, delete the contents to stop interest and restrict who shares his connections, for this you need to access your privacy settings.


The user, once attached to the page Artsvalua, SL, publish in the latter comments, links, images, or photographs, or any other type of media content supported by the Social Network. The user, in all cases, you must be the holder thereof, enjoy copyright and intellectual property or have the consent of the concerned third parties. It expressly prohibits any posting on the page, whether texts, graphics, photographs, videos, etc that conflict with or are likely to undermine the morals, ethics, good taste or decorum, and/or contravene, violate or infringe the rights of intellectual or industrial property, image rights or the Law. In these cases, Artsvalua, SL reserves the right to immediately withdraw the content, and may request the permanent blocking of the user.

Artsvalua, SL is not responsible for the content freely published by a user.

The user should be aware that their publications will be known by the other users, so that he himself is the main responsible of their privacy.

The images that can be published on the page will not be stored in any file by Artsvalua SL, but yes that will remain on the Social Network.

Contests and promotions

Artsvalua, SL reserves the right to make contests and promotions in which may participate the user joined your page. The bases of each one of them, when used for this platform Social Network, will be published in the same. Always complying with the LSSI-CE and any other standard that is applicable.

The Social Network does not sponsor, endorse or administer, in any way, any of our promotions, or is associated with any of them.

Contests and promotions

Artsvalua, SL reserves the right to make contests and promotions in which may participate the user joined your page. The bases of each one of them, when used for this platform Social Network, will be published in the same. Always complying with the LSSI-CE and any other standard that is applicable.

The Social Network does not sponsor, endorse or administer, in any way, any of our promotions, or is associated with any of them.


Artsvalua, SL will use the Social Network to advertise their products and services, in any case, if you choose to treat your contact data to perform actions of direct commercial prospecting, always will be, in compliance with the legal requirements of the LOPD and LSSI-CE.

Not considered advertising the fact recommend to other users the page Artsvalua, SL so that they too can enjoy promotions or be informed of its activity.

All communication with Artsvalua s. l. by any means or through your e-mail address, or the forms on this ‘web site’ or to his ‘e-mail’, implies consent for their personal data are incorporated to files ownership of Artsvalua s. l. the address of storage is CTRA. SANSON 49 – 2nd 2nd - 08980 SANT FELIU DE LLOBREGAT – BARCELONA –

These personal data will be treated in accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, of Protection of Data of a Personal Nature.



If there is a court order, an order of a public authority or by the police or a legal authority, Artsvalua s. l. you may be required to disclose your personal information.



To do this, they may do so by written communication addressed to:

Company name: Artsvalua s. l.

Home storage: CTRA. SANSON 49 – 2nd 2nd - SANT FELIU – BARCELONA - 08980


If you have any questions or concerns about the collection, use or protection of your personal information, we invite you to contact us., and are trademarks and Registered domains

it is the property of Artsvalua s. l. Limited partnership, domiciled at C/ Comte d'urgell nº 240, 3rd Floor D, 08036 Barcelona, (AUDITIA) and registered in the mercantile registry of Barcelona, Volume 42922, folio 135, sheet B419265, inscription 1 and with C. I. F.: B-65681777