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User and Buyer

To place a bid in Artsvalua it is necessary to register as a user, once read and approved the general Conditions of sale: Here

Between the link of the page of "Login" orMy account and fill in correctly the boxes with your data in case of new user, or your username and password if you have already registered and have received confirmation of ARTSVALUA SL.

The form will ask you to enter a “user code” and a “password”. This ensures the privacy and authenticity of their offerings, because when you make a purchase, the system is implemented through a secure area of the selected Bank, and to ensure their safety at the time of the sale and keeping you informed at all times whether collected or submitted on your purchase as well as your form of payment.

Your personal data must be true and correct as to any misrepresentation or manipulation, ARTSVALUA SL. will be removed from the registered client.

Once you have sent the correct form, we will accept as a user and send, via mail, the approval, with which you will be able to act as a buyer.

Remember to place a bid you must always be logged on as a user.

The lots presented at auction, depending on the exclusivity contract of sale have a reserve Price, i.e. a minimum price confidentially agreed upon between the consignor or transferor-seller and Artsvalua. If at the end of the auction the last bid does not reach this reserve price, the lot will not be awarded and, therefore, cannot be sold. Before the end of the auction, the transferor-seller can change the reserve price is to low to accept, or come to the last existing offer at that time. Therefore, the reserve price agreed upon can be modified to the floor with the consent of the assignor-seller.

In Artsvalua there are also lots Price, without reserve, therefore, are sold whenever there is a bid, whatever the value of this.

It is strictly forbidden for any transferor/seller, he personally or through third parties, bidding on their own lots with the aim of increasing the values of the award of the lots and not with the intention of purchase. In the case that it is detected an action of this type, Artsvalua reserves the right to immediately cancel the user accounts used/s with this order, and check out the auction lots of the transferor seller.

In the event that a batch has not reached the reserve price if that is the case, ArtsValua reserves the right to re-take auction or return the lot depending on the exclusivity contract of sale signed with the assignor-seller. Once the time duration of the auction, when you are instructed to “Auction Finished”,(the system automatically will not accept more bids, but those made in the regular time before the end of take several tenths of a second saved in our system, especially in the case of AUTOPUJA last second) the user can view and manage your account online if the lot has reached the reserve price and, therefore, if the batch has been awarded and sold will automatically go to your account where you will be able to make the payment.

It is not necessary to be a registered user to travel through our website.
Registration as a user does not have any charge. As a member of a community with a common interest, the only prerequisite to any operation is the acceptance of the general conditions.

Urge your questions with our staff before bidding on any of our lots and/or property in a public auction, because in case of winning a lot and does not make cash payment Artsvalua shall be entitled to make a claim and ask for compensation committees that would be charged for its sale.

Once registered, the user agrees to use the means of the web page with the purpose for which they were created and to act in accordance with the legislation in force, respecting the privacy policy and moral characteristics of the page, being the power of Artsvalua the fact that before the breach of any of these conditions and rules may suspend or delete the user's account without prior notice or right to any type of compensation.


Privacy warning for Users:

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