These terms and conditions of use (the "Terms and Conditions") will apply to all uses of the Service and the Online Platform, as defined below. Read carefully these Terms and Conditions to know, as User, your rights and obligations when using the Service. You can download and print this document.


1 Definitions and nomenclature

In these Terms and Conditions, the following terms shall have the meaning set out below:


1.1 Award:

The fully automated fact sent to the Buyer who has made the highest Bid and who, therefore, has purchased the Lot. Although this still not settled.


1.2 Artsvalua:

The limited company that acts as mediator and service manager, Artsvalua sl . domiciled in C / Comte d'Urgell nº 240 3rd Floor D,   08036 de Barcelona, ​​( Auditia ) and registered in the mercantile registry of Barcelona, ​​Volume 42922, folio 135, sheet B419265 , inscription 1 and with CIF: B-65681777


1.3 Buyer Commission:

The percentage of the Purchase Price, which has been communicated by Artsvalua through the Online Platform, which the Buyer must pay to Artsvalua for the use of the Service after the Award, including VAT corresponding taxes.


1.4 Seller Commission:

The percentage of the Purchase Price, communicated by Artsvalua in the Online Platform, that the Seller must pay to Artsvalua for the use of the Service.

This Seller's Commission, increased with VAT and net of any tax (such as withholding taxes), taxes and charges that may be accrued, will be deducted from the payment of the Purchase Price.


1.5 Customer Buyer:

The User who, through the Online Platform, enters into a Purchase Agreement with a Vendor.


1.6 Client consumers:

A User who is a natural person and who uses the Service, or who, as Buyer, enters into a Purchase Agreement for purposes unrelated to his commercial, business, trade or profession.


1.7 Purchase Agreement:

The purchase agreement concluded through the Online Platform between the Seller, on the one hand, and the Buyer, on the other hand, in relation to a determined Lot.


1.8 Account:

The personal section in the Online Platform with personal and other data that the User completes or obtains from the User's social network account (s), configured by the User when registering in the Service and managed by the user.


1.9 Intellectual Property Rights:

All intellectual property rights and associated rights, such as copyrights, registered trademark rights, patent rights, design rights, commercial naming rights, database rights and related rights, as well as know-how rights and results comparable to a patentable invention (" eenlijnsprestaties ").


1.10 Information:

All the material and all the information published by Artsvalua in the Online Platform, or accessible through the Online Platform. The Information does not include the User's Material.


1.11 VAT:

Value added tax, within the meaning of Council Directive 2006/112 / EC of 28 November 2006 on the common system of value added tax and other taxes of a similar nature.


1.12 Lot:

One or more goods or services offered for sale by a Seller on the Online Platform.


1.13 Material User:

Information on the Online Platform provided by Users or made accessible or published through the Online Platform by Users, including, without limitation, Lots, descriptions of lots, photographs, specifications, opinions, advertisements, messages, offers and / or advertisements .


Payment of the right to participation in benefits: payment for the right to participate in benefits as described in Article 16 of these Terms and Conditions.


1.14 Platform Online:

The digital environment of Artsvalua that allows Users access to the Service, using the software designed by PrestaShop and offered by Artsvalua, which can be accessed through the internet in, among others, web pages through,,, and in other top-level domains registered by or on behalf of Artsvalua sl , including all sub-domains and their auxiliary pages, as well as the mobile versions of said web pages, as well as all the programs and applications (mobile) through which the Service can be used, including mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets .


1.15 Purchase Price:

The amount of the highest Bid, which the buyer must pay to the Seller.


1.16 Reserve Price:

The hidden minimum price that the Seller has indicated that he wishes to receive for his Lot.


1.17 External Service Providers:

A third party, not affiliated with Artsvalua, that puts at your disposal certain products, services, applications or web pages through our Online Platform, such as, but not limited to, payment or shipping services. Your use of such products, services, applications or web pages will be governed by and will be subject to the Terms and Conditions and the External Services Provider's Privacy Policies.


1.18 bid:

The amount for which a User bid for a Lot, including VAT and fees owed by the Seller, if applicable, excluding Buyer's commission.


1.19 Service:

The services that Artsvalua offers through the Online Platform, which are disclosed and described in the Online Platform and in these Terms and Conditions, including the service that Sellers can use to sell Lots through an online auction, and Additional related services. For any related additional services, such as payment services, provided through the Online Platform, Artsvalua may make use of External Service Providers. You can learn about the use of such External Service Providers at any time when you use our Service.


1.20 Auction Online:

The online auction for expiration of time, of the Lots by Vendors in the Online Platform.


1.21 User

Any individual or legal entity that creates an Account, uses the Service or participates in the Online Platform without registering.


1.22 Seller:

The User that offers for sale one or more Lots in the Online Platform.


Professional 1.23 Seller:

The User who uses the Service to sell Lots in relation to his commercial, business, trade or profession activity and who has provided Artsvalua sl with a valid VAT identification number or if the Seller does not have a VAT identification number, a proof alternative of using the Service to sell Lots in relation to your business, business, trade or profession. A "Company" logo will appear next to the username for the Lots offered by Professional Vendors.


2 Applicability and modifications of the Terms and Conditions

2.1   The Terms and Conditions will apply to any use of the Service or the Online Platform. By using the Service, visiting the Online Platform and / or accepting these Terms and Conditions when creating an Account, the User accepts these Terms and Conditions. The applicability of any other general terms and conditions is excluded.


2.2   The Spanish version of these Terms and Conditions is the original version, and all other versions are mere translations: in case of contradiction between the stipulations of the different language versions of these Terms and Conditions, the Spanish version shall prevail. All the terms and concepts (legal) used in these Terms and Conditions will be, however, interpreted in accordance with Spanish law, and in particular courts of Barcelona.


2.3 Artsvalua shall have the right at any time to modify or supplement these Terms and Conditions by publishing the Terms and Conditions modified in our Online Platform. The latest updated version of the Terms and Conditions can be found on the Online Platform. In the event that any modification or addition affects Users' rights or obligations to a significant degree, Artsvalua will inform Users thereof by means of an email or notify Users of the changes during their use of the Service.


2.4   If the User continues to use the Service after the modification or additions to the Terms and Conditions, it will mean that the User irrevocably accepts the modified or supplemented Terms and Conditions. If the User does not agree with the modified or supplemented Terms and Conditions, his only option will be to stop using the Service and delete his Account.


3 General

3.1   The User accepts that the Service and the Online Platform only include the functionality and other properties as found by the User at the time of use ("as is offered"). specifically excludes warranties, commitments and express and implied indemnities of any nature, including, without limitation, guarantees, commitments and indemnities in relation to the quality, security, legitimacy, integrity and correctness of the Service, unless express and printed indication as well as if you use some of our valuation services and valuation justified with the corresponding invoice.


3.2 The User accepts that the functionalities of the Service and the Online Platform may be subject to modifications.


3.3   The Sellers offer Lots in the Online Platform and the Users buy these Lots from the Sellers directly. In this respect, Artsvalua plays a unique facilitating and support role by offering an Online Platform and additional services. Artsvalua has no control or responsibility over the quality, safety, legality or correction of the Lots offered or the ability of the Sellers to put Lots for sale, or the ability or ability of Buyers to buy Lots.


3.4   The User acknowledges and accepts the particular circumstances that may arise in an online auction and the incidents (technical) that may occur in it. As for example, though not exclusively, the inability to access (complete) the Online Platform, not being able to submit a Bid or not be able to present it on time, malfunction or failures in the Online Platform or in the underlying hardware, network connections or the software. Also the maintenance operations of the Online Platform or the underlying system may prevent access (unlimited) or the presentation (temporarily) of a Bid. Artsvalua does not assume any responsibility for the damages suffered by the User as a consequence of such incidents (technical).


3.5 The User acknowledges and accepts that some provisions of these Terms and Conditions, due to the nature of some Lots, will not be applied (fully) to them, as the obligation to send the Bundles properly packed in the case of an auction of a domain name. In these cases, the stipulations of these Terms and Conditions shall be interpreted reasonably in such a way that they are applicable to the corresponding Purchase Agreement or to the corresponding Lot, respecting as far as possible the content, purpose and spirit of said stipulations. the present Terms and Conditions.


3.6   They may apply to (the purchase and / or sale of) some Lots different, modified or additional rules, to those established in these Terms and Conditions. Said norms will be indicated as far as possible in the corresponding Lot in the Online Platform.


3.7   Without prejudice to any other provision in these Terms and Conditions, the User acknowledges and accepts that the Lots belong to the Seller and not to Artsvalua. Between Artsvalua and the Buyer no contract of sale shall be entered into and Artsvalua shall not transfer the right of property of the Seller to the Buyer.


3.8   To guarantee your own rights and those of other Users, for example, in the case of breach of these Terms by a User, Artsvalua may at any time, at its sole discretion, suspend the payment of all the amounts of the corresponding Users , to compensate any (future) claim that Artsvalua may have, and, if necessary, and freeze credits that may exist from said Users. Regarding the suspension of payments, compensation of claims or freezing of credits, these cases are regulated by a mandatory law (of the consumer), so Artsvalua can only do so in accordance with said mandatory law.


4 Registration for the Service

4.1   In order to make optimal use of the Service, the User must create an Account in the manner described in the Online Platform. The User will guarantee to Artesvalua that the information provided to Artsvalua when creating his Account is complete, accurate and updated. During registration, the User must provide a username and password with which they can access the Account.


4.2   Sellers that are Professional Sellers, must identify themselves as such when creating their Account. The User accepts that for the purposes of the use he makes through such Account, he will be considered as a Professional Seller. Artsvalua may modify the status of the Accounts if it considers that there are reasonable grounds for doing so, such as in the case that a Professional Seller has not registered as such.


4.3   The User must comply with all tax laws and regulations and in this framework, when registering, they must register in the correct quality and provide the necessary data for this as a company. The User will be fully responsible for the consequences of providing incomplete or incorrect information regarding their tax status and fully exempts Artsvalua from all claims of third parties, including the Treasury, and all damages and / or costs arising from or related to This, Artsvalua being able to pass on said claims, damages and costs directly to the User.


4.4   You will not be allowed to create an Account on behalf of another person and / or provide false information. You will not be allowed to register using third party accounts or allow third parties to register on behalf of the User.


4.5   The User will be personally responsible for keeping his username and password secret. Therefore, the User will be responsible for any use of the Service using their username and password, and the User will exempt Artsvalua from any damage arising from the improper use or use of their username and password. Artsvalua may assume that it is the User who actually accesses with the username and password of the User.


4.6   As soon as it becomes known to the User or has reason to suspect that a username and / or password has reached the hands of unauthorized persons, the User must inform Artsvalua thereof, without prejudice to its obligation to take immediate action, such as modify your password


4.7   In principle, anyone can register at Artsvalua. If the User is under 18 years of age, he will need the consent of his / her legal representative (s) (guardian or (one of) his / her parents). By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the User guarantees that he or she has, in effect, at least 18 years of age, or that he has obtained the consent of his / her legal representative (s) to create his Account.


4.8   Artsvalua reserves the right to modify the registration and access procedures, the password, the username and / or certain User Information, if deemed necessary in the interests of Artsvalua, third parties or the operation of the Service.


4.9   Artsvalua reserves the right to deny Users the right to register and participate in an Online Auction and / or to rescind said right unilaterally.


5 Batch Offering

5.1   In order to sell Lots through the Online Platform, the User must specify certain information in his Account, including his address.


5.2 Depending on the attractiveness, the rarity, the possible profits and the expected demand of the type of Lots in question, among other things, it will be decided which Lots are suitable for sale through the Online Platform. Lots can be rejected for auction without the statement of the reason for such.


5.3 When offering Lots, the Seller must provide clear and understandable information about the Lot offered. It is in any case, although not exclusively, the following materials and information:

  • A correct, complete and accurate description of the Lot offered;
  • Information on the status and qualification of the Lot, for example if it is a good subject to the special VAT regime;
  • At least one (3) accurate images;
  • A Reserve Price when applicable (the possibility of setting a Reserve Price depends on the value of the Lot);
  • An indication of the actual shipping costs;
  • The existence and conditions of assistance to the Buyer after the sale (if applicable) and possible guarantees; and Other possible conditions applicable to the offer.


5.4   Artsvalua will not be responsible to other Users of the description of the Lots, including the information and the statements of the Seller mentioned in Article 5.3. The Seller accepts that Artsvalua may propose or introduce modifications and additions in the description of the offered Lot. The Seller will be given the possibility to verify the description before the Online Auction begins, so when making use of this possibility, it guarantees that the Lot complies with the description and will exempt Artsvalua from any claim by the Buyer in relation to the breach. Of the same.


5.5   The Seller guarantees that it is the legitimate owner or that it is authorized to sell the Lots offered in the Online Platform, and that offering and selling a Lot is not infringing any law or regulation, any rights of third parties, including contract rights and Intellectual Property Rights, which is not acting in a fraudulent way in general or that is not acting in an illegitimate and / or fraudulent way towards third parties or Artsvalua. The Seller indemnifies and releases Artsvalua from any claim made by the Buyer or third parties with respect to the legality of the sale of a Lot or related to any violation of this Section 5.5 and against any damage and cost related thereto. The Seller also guarantees that the offer and sale of the Lot is a genuine and authentic transaction. More specifically, the Seller warrants that the Lot is not offered as part of a false transaction that allows the Purchaser and / or third parties to transfer a quantity and launder the money involved.


5.6   In some cases, Artsvalua will indicate value estimates (automatic) of certain Lots. Artsvalua does not guarantee the accuracy of the same and therefore will not assume any responsibility in the event that the Lots have a higher or lower value. Artsvalua may refuse to include a Reserve Price for a given Lot.


5.7   Artsvalua will be able to order the translation of the text corresponding to a Lot so that the Lots can also be offered in other countries, also using translation programs. Artsvalua may, at its discretion, dissolve (" ontbinden ") the Purchase Agreement on behalf of a User that has been negatively affected, demonstrably, by a translation error, if no other solution is found with the User. This is the only resource of the User.


5.8 In the event that Artsvalua is informed of an incorrect translation of a Lot while that Lot is still under auction, Artsvalua may, at its own discretion, adjust the description of the Lot or withdraw the Lot from the Auction.


5.9   Articles 5.7 and 5.8 will only be applicable if the description of the lot has been translated manually by Artsvalua. Artsvalua does not accept responsibility of any kind, for any error in the texts as a result of automatic translations. The possibility that the description of the batch is translated automatically can be found on the batch description page.


5.10             The Lots may be withdrawn by the Seller until such time as they are published on the Online Platform and are visible to other Users. From that moment, the Seller can not modify the conditions applicable to the offer. If, at the request of the Seller, a Lot of the Online Auction is withdrawn in contravention of the above, the Seller shall be fully liable for the damages suffered as a result thereof. At the first requirement of Artsvalua, the Seller (before the possible removal of the Auction Lot) will provide documents, files or other evidence of the facts declared as the reason for its withdrawal request. Only after having received sufficient evidence, Artsvalua may, at its discretion, consult the highest bidders and withdraw the lot from the auction.


5.11             For the purchase (sale) of certain Lots, such as, but not limited to, tobacco products, alcohol and weapons (old), other conditions and requirements of access and / or age (legal) will apply, which will be communicated in the Online Platform. Users are obliged to comply with them.


5.12             The Lots will only be offered by the Seller in the Online Platform and, therefore, can not be offered through other sales channels. Seller will remove Lots from other websites, including auction platforms, online markets and (own) web stores.


6 Procedure of the Online Auctions

6.1 Users must follow all instructions and reasonable instructions given by or on behalf of Artsvalua with respect to an Online Auction. If during an Online Auction there is a situation not foreseen in these Terms and Conditions and / or divergences arise between Users or other irregularities occur, Artsvalua will decide on the matter.


6.2 Artsvalua may at any time, before, during and after the completion of an Online Auction, temporarily or permanently prevent the offer of Lots by Users and the bid on Lots by Users.


6.3 For certain (categories of) Online auctions or lots and / or for bids from certain amounts, Artsvalua may establish as a condition to make bids that users deposit in Artsvalua the amount set by the latter or provide guarantees of another form of the Payment fulfillment.


6.4 You can participate in an Online Auction during the time specified in the Online Platform. During this time, Users may use the "automatic bidding" function, during which bids will be made automatically without user intervention up to a specific maximum amount set by the User. The minimum amount in which the User must increase a Bid will depend on the highest Bid at that time. The minimum increments of the bids will be indicated in the Online Platform.


6.5 In the future it will be possible to bid for lots in different currencies if this were the case: The Bids will be shown in the Online Platform, rounded off in whole units of coins. This can affect the amount of the minimum increments of the bids. Possibly also the Purchase Price will be rounded in whole units of coins before being paid to the Seller. The rounding will be carried out automatically upwards or downwards according to certain previously fixed limits.


6.6 At the start of each Online Auction, the exchange rates applicable to the sale of the Lots in the corresponding Online Auction will be established, using the exchange rate applicable at the time of the start of the Online Auction. This means that each Bid during the Online Auction will be made using the fixed exchange rate.


6.7 The Sellers will accept that they may receive a lower (or higher) Purchase Price in their own currency than they would have received if the applicable exchange rate had been applied at the time of the closing of the Online Auction or at the time of payment. of the Purchase Price.


6.8 Each Bid will be considered carried out by the person through whose Account the Bid is made. The User will be personally linked at all times to the Seller for the Bids made through his Account, even if a third party makes Bids through his Account.


6.9 The Buyer acknowledges and accepts that if a Reserve Price has been set by the Seller, no Contract of Sale will be concluded if the highest Bid is lower than said Reserve Price.


6.10 Except in the case that a User acts as a Consumer and buys a Lot from a Professional Seller and the exceptions to the right of withdrawal mentioned in Article 8.12 do not apply , and except for specific situations described in the corresponding Online Auction, the Bid made It will be unconditional and can not be withdrawn, even if the User uses the "automatic bid" function. The User can not claim typographical errors or mistakes once the auction time has ended.


6.11 The Seller can not make bids on lots that the Seller has offered and / or order third parties to make Bids.


6.12 The Purchase Agreement will be formalized as a result of the Automatic Award. Artsvalua will not be part of any Purchase Agreement. Except in the case of ownership of the auctioned lot . ( Classic vehicles).


6.13 In the Online Platform and / or in the messages (of electronic mail) of Artsvalua, additional conditions applicable to the offer of Lots and / or the realization of Bids can be indicated.


7 Standards for Professional Sellers

7.1 The Seller will be obliged to declare the truth about his condition or not as a professional in which he offers the Lots. If the Seller does not act in a professional capacity, he must register as a "Seller". Professional Sellers must register as "Company" and provide Artsvalua with a valid VAT identification number or, in the case that the Seller does not have a VAT identification number, an alternative proof to the satisfaction of Artsvalua that it uses the Service. in the realization of its commercial, business, trade or profession activity.


7.2 If the Seller is a Professional Seller, the Seller acknowledges and accepts that Consumers residing in a country within the European Economic Area will have in certain cases the right to resign (" ontbinden ") to the Purchase Agreement within the legal period applicable to such effect. The Seller shall cooperate fully for this purpose in the manner indicated by Artsvalua.


8 Consumer Rights

8.1 Consumers will be entitled to a legal guarantee of compliance of the lots.


8.2 As a consumer you can cancel an acquisition within fourteen days from the date of auction, only in cases where the piece does not correspond to the cataloging or has significant damage not indicated in the description or that can not be seen in the pictures. The non-authenticity of the object must be reasoned and justified by an authority in the matter. The piece must be returned in the same condition and condition as it was delivered. The client will not have the right to request the return if he / she has not communicated the error / defect by sending an e-mail to the Customer Service within the   24 hours after receiving the order to inform us of the problem.


8.3 Artsvalua reserves the right to cancel the user's account in the event that it cancels an award for another reason that is not one of the above for the damage caused to the seller, the next bidder and the auction directly.


8.4 In the situation mentioned in Article 8.2 always within the established term, and always to the extent that the Seller has not yet been paid, Artsvalua will intermediate and fully refund the money paid for the purchase of the object. The transportation costs in the collection and delivery of the piece or any other expense that is not the auction price plus the commission and VAT, will NOT be paid by Artsvalua, although not before the moment in which the Seller has received the Lot in the original state. In the event that the Purchase Price has already been paid to the Seller and / or in the situation mentioned in Article 8.2 , the Seller shall reimburse the Purchase Price, including any delivery costs.



8.5 Artsvalua only and exclusively would be responsible for the certifications and valuations that have been requested to our experts as explicit work with invoice, in which a report or certificate has been delivered. Any other claim that the consumer wants to make due to inaccurate data or falsehood of the piece, must be addressed inexcusably to the seller, while Artsvalua does not assume the authenticity of the piece but only the mediation in the sale.


8.6 In no case may compensation or compensation be claimed on pieces that having been auctioned or adjudicated, have been lost, stolen from or in the auction, withdrawn from auction or canceled, expressly limiting the amount to be returned to the award amount of the piece to consumer. In no case Artsvalua SL will accept any responsibility for the possible damages that occurred during the transportation of the auctioned lot (s), it will only be responsible if the piece suffers any damage during its stay in the Artsvalua SL facilities . if that were the case. Under no circumstances will any claim be allowed on the lots awarded, after 15 days from the auction of the piece. The parties involved, seller and consumer, must comply with the provisions of the Heritage Law, the General Tax Law and the Intellectual Property Law.


8.7 In case of only return exclusively included in Article 8.2 the Consumer will return the Lot to the Seller or deliver the Lot to the Seller as soon as possible, although within 14 days from the communication referred to in Article 8.6 , unless the Seller has offered to collect the lot.


8.8 The Consumer will return the Lot with all the supplied accessories, if reasonably possible in its original condition and packaging, and in accordance with the reasonable and clear instructions provided by or on behalf of the Seller.


8.9 The Consumer will bear the direct costs of returning the Lot.


8.10 The Consumer will bear the direct costs of any incident in its return.


8.11 The risk and the burden of proof for the correct exercise and in due time of the right of resignation according to article 8.2 shall correspond to the Consumer.


8.12 The following products and services will always be excluded from the right of withdrawal:


  • (I) Los productos o servicios cuyo precio dependa de fluctuaciones del mercado financiero que el Vendedor Profesional no pueda controlar y que puedan producirse durante el periodo de renuncia, como en el caso de venta de (bienes fabricados a partir de) determinadas piedras preciosas y metales preciosos (tales como, pero no limitados a, diamantes (incluyendo joyas con diamantes determinantes del valor), monedas y lingotes de oro);
  • (II) Contrato de prestación de servicios o servicios facturados, una vez que el servicio haya sido completamente ejecutado, aunque únicamente cuando:

a) la ejecución haya comenzado, con el previo consentimiento expreso del Consumidor; Y

b) el Consumidor haya declarado que habrá perdido su derecho de renuncia una vez que el Vendedor Profesional haya ejecutado completamente el contrato;

  • (III) Viajes combinados y contratos de transporte de personas;
  • (IV) Contratos de suministro de servicios de alojamiento para fines distintos del de servir de vivienda, transporte de bienes y/o vehículos, alquiler de vehículos y catering, si en el contrato se prevé una fecha o un periodo de ejecución específicos;
  • (V) Contratos de servicios relacionados con el ocio, si en el contrato se prevé una fecha o un periodo de ejecución específicos;
  • (VI) Productos y servicios vendidos mediante subastas públicas;
  • (VII) Bienes inmuebles;
  • (VIII) El suministro de bienes y la prestación de servicios en virtud de contratos en los que tiene que intervenir un notario;
  • (IX) Productos fabricados conforme a las especificaciones del Consumidor, que no sean prefabricados y para cuya fabricación sea determinante la elección o decisión individual del Consumidor, o que estén claramente personalizados, restauraciones;
  • (X) Productos que puedan deteriorarse con rapidez o con un periodo de caducidad limitado;
  • (XI) Productos precintados que no sean aptos para ser devueltos por razones de protección de la salud o de higiene y que hayan sido desprecintados tras la entrega;
  • (XII) Productos que después de su entrega y teniendo en cuenta su naturaleza se hayan mezclado de forma indisociable con otros productos;
  • (XII) Bebidas alcohólicas cuyo precio haya sido acordado en el momento de celebrar el Contrato de Compraventa, y que no puedan ser entregadas antes de 30 días, y cuyo valor real dependa de fluctuaciones del mercado que el Vendedor Profesional no pueda controlar;
  • (XIV) Grabaciones sonoras o de vídeo y programas informáticos precintados, que hayan sido

desprecintados después de la entrega;

  • (XV) Prensa, revistas o publicaciones periódicas, con la excepción de suscripciones a tales publicaciones;
  • (XVI) El suministro de contenido digital que no se preste en un soporte material, aunque únicamente cuando:

a) la ejecución haya comenzado con el previo consentimiento expreso del consumidor; Y

b) el consumidor haya declarado que en consecuencia pierde su derecho de renuncia.


9 Pago

9.1 Después de que la Subasta Online haya finalizado, el Comprador deberá pagar el Precio de Compra y la Comisión del Comprador sobre la base de las instrucciones de pago. El Comprador procurará que todos los importes se reciban en cantidades netas, por lo que será responsable de todos los eventuales gastos (tales como gastos bancarios), impuestos (tales como retenciones fiscales), tasas y gravámenes que adeude. El Comprador garantiza que no compra el lote como parte de una transacción falsa que le permita a él y/o terceros transferir el Precio de Compra total o parcial y blanquear el dinero involucrado.


9.2 El Usuario acepta que Artsvalua emitirá y enviará las facturas en nombre del Vendedor, siempre que la emisión de facturas sea obligatoria en virtud de la normativa aplicable. El Vendedor será responsable en todo momento de la exactitud y la integridad de la factura y Artsvalua no aceptará ninguna responsabilidad al respecto.


9.3 Si el Comprador no paga el Precio de Compra y la Comisión del Comprador dentro del plazo de pago señalado, incurrirá automáticamente en incumplimiento frente a Artsvalua y el Vendedor, sin necesidad de requerimiento previo ( “ ingebrekestelling ”). A partir del momento en el que el Comprador se encuentre en situación de incumplimiento, deberá pagar intereses de un tipo igual al tipo de interés legal (comercial). Artsvalua enviará, al menos, un recordatorio de pago, también en nombre del Vendedor, por el importe que debe pagarse al Vendedor. Si en tal caso tampoco se efectúa el pago, Artsvalua podrá encargar a un tercero el proceso de cobro de la deuda, también en nombre del Vendedor. En dicho caso, todos los gastos extrajudiciales en los que incurra Artsvalua por el retraso en el pago serán a cargo del Comprador. Los costes extrajudiciales se determinarán de conformidad con la ley aplicable.


9.4 Si Artsvalua inicia un procedimiento de cobro para cobrar el Precio de Compra también en nombre del Vendedor, el Vendedor deberá prestar su colaboración y mantener en su posesión, y no gravar el Lote durante el procedimiento de cobro. No obstante, el Vendedor no podrá obligar a Artsvalua a proceder al cobro del Precio de Compra. Si Artsvalua comunica al Vendedor que no procederá al cobro del Precio de Compra, el Comprador acepta que el Vendedor tiene el derecho de continuar el procedimiento de cobro por su cuenta o resolver (“ ontbinden ”) el Contrato de Compraventa con efectos inmediatos sin necesidad de requerimiento previo (“ ingebrekestelling ”). Artsvalua podrá enviar la declaración de resolución (“ ontbindingsverklaring ”) en nombre del Vendedor al Comprador. Si el Vendedor continúa el procedimiento de cobro, Artsvalua podrá facilitar al Vendedor la información necesaria a tal fin, incluidos los datos identificativos del Comprador.


9.5 La resolución del Contrato de Compraventa como resultado del incumplimiento del Comprador con su obligación de pago, no afectará a la obligación de pago de la Comisión del Comprador por parte del Comprador.


9.6 En caso de resolución por incumplimiento por el Comprador de su obligación de pago, el Comprador será responsable de todos los daños y gastos ocasionados por ello a Artsvalua y el importe de los mismos será, como mínimo, igual a la Comisión del Vendedor que pierda Artsvalua.


9.7 En caso de resolución por incumplimiento por el Comprador de su obligación de pago, el Comprador deberá pagar a Artsvalua una multa inmediatamente pagadera del 15 % del Precio de Compra, con un mínimo de 1000 € (mil euros). La multa no está sujeta a mitigación (judicial).


9.8 El Precio de Compra se pagará al Vendedor (después de la deducción de la Comisión del Vendedor) solo después de que el Comprador haya pagado el Precio de Compra y la Comisión del Comprador. El Precio de Compra (después de la deducción de la Comisión del Vendedor) se pagará en un plazo de tres semanas después de que el Vendedor haya enviado el Lote o que el Lote haya sido recogido por el Comprador, de conformidad con el Artículo 10 . No obstante lo anterior, el pago podrá ser suspendido, en particular cuando el Comprador haya comunicado una disputa, por ejemplo, por daños alegados o no conformidad del Lote.


10 Entrega y aceptación de los Lotes

10.1 Salvo que el Comprador y Artsvalua acuerden que el Lote sea recogido por el Comprador, y/o organice un transporte personalizado aceptado bajo proforma y abonado por el Comprador y/o se encargue de el envío a petición del Comprador a portes debidos, el Vendedor será responsable del envío y la entrega del Lote al Comprador o facilitar el envío a nuestra sede en Barcelona para hacérselo llegar al Comprador, conforme al Contrato de Compraventa y las condiciones comunicadas previamente por el Vendedor.


10.2 El Vendedor deberá entregar el Lote a Artsvalua para proceder a la entrega al Comprador a quien se haya efectuado la Adjudicación, con arreglo a la descripción y las condiciones establecidas por el Vendedor al ofrecer el Lote y sin perjuicio de lo dispuesto en el Artículo 8 . El Vendedor estará obligado a enviar los Lotes vendidos, embalados adecuadamente, en un plazo de tres (3) días laborables a partir de la recepción del pago por Artsvalua y de la recepción por el Vendedor de una confirmación de pago de Artsvalua, excepto si las partes acuerdan que los Lotes se recogerán. Si los gastos de envío son inferiores a los especificados en la Subasta Online, el Vendedor deberá reembolsar al Comprador esa diferencia en los gastos de envío.


10.3 El Vendedor podrá hacer un seguimiento en su cuenta personal del estado del envío y cobros después de que haya enviado el Lote o después de que el Comprador haya recogido el Lote.


10.4 Los Lotes vendidos deberán enviarse mediante Nacex , MRW , Tipsa o gestionados por Artsvalua transporte personalizado y, si es posible, deberán estar asegurados durante el transporte.


10.5 La dirección que el Comprador haya comunicado como ,dirección de envío, se considerará como el lugar de entrega. El riesgo de daños y/o pérdida de los Lotes será por cuenta del Vendedor hasta el momento de la entrega en la dirección indicada por el Comprador.


10.6 Artsvalua tiene el derecho de considerar la firma de la recepción y/o la confirmación de entrega de los transportistas encargados en el lugar de entrega como la prueba de recepción por el Comprador. El Vendedor acepta que Artsvalua tiene el derecho a no aceptar ninguna otra prueba de recepción. Esta disposición no otorga por sí misma ningún derecho al Vendedor. Si un Lote no llega correctamente, el Comprador y el Vendedor están obligados a colaborar en una investigación por parte de una agencia de transportes, en el caso de que no consigan llegar a una solución entre ellos. Una investigación en curso no perjudicará el derecho de Artsvalua a decidir si el Precio de Compra será reembolsado al Comprador o será pagado al Vendedor, de conformidad con el Artículo 10.14.



10.7 En caso de que el Vendedor no cumpla debidamente, totalmente y oportunamente su obligación de entrega en virtud de este Artículo 10, incluso tras haber efectuado el requerimiento pertinente (“ ingebrekestelling ”), el Vendedor incurrirá en mora y el Comprador podrá resolver (“ ontbinden ”) el Contrato de Compraventa. Sin ser obligado a hacerlo, Artsvalua podrá enviar el requerimiento (“ ingebrekestelling ”) y la declaración de resolución (“ ontbindingsverklaring ”) en nombre del Comprador al Vendedor. En tal caso, el Vendedor estará obligado a indemnizar al Comprador, sin perjuicio de cualquier otro derecho, en cuyo caso, el Vendedor, no Artsvalua, deberá reembolsar el Precio de Compra que ya ha recibido.


10.8 La resolución del Contrato de Compraventa como consecuencia del incumplimiento del Vendedor en su obligación de entrega (que incluye, pero no está limitado a ello, el incumplimiento de entrega de un Lote de acuerdo con la descripción del lote) no afectará a la obligación de pago de la Comisión del Vendedor por parte del Vendedor. En tal caso, el Vendedor será responsable de todos los daños y gastos ocasionados por ello a Artsvalua, que ascenderán en todo caso a un importe igual a la Comisión del Comprador que pierda Artsvalua. Además, el Vendedor deberá pagar a Artsvalua una multa inmediatamente pagadera del 15 % del Precio de Compra, con un mínimo de 1000 € (mil euros). La multa no está sujeta a mitigación (judicial).


10.9 Artsvalua tendrá el derecho de compensar el importe mencionado en el Artículo 10.7 contra cualquier Precio de Compra que se pague al Vendedor.


10.10 El Comprador estará obligado a la confirmación de recepción dentro del plazo señalado en la descripción del Lote. Si no se ha señalado o acordado ningún plazo, el Comprador estará obligado a aceptar el Lote dentro de un plazo razonable, que no podrá exceder en ningún caso de más de 15 días (a contar desde el día de cierre de la Subasta Online correspondiente). Si el Comprador no procede a la confirmación de recepción en su debido momento, no cumple los acuerdos con el Vendedor y/o se niega a proporcionar o no proporciona la información necesaria o no observa las instrucciones de Artsvalua necesarias para la entrega del Lote, Artsvalua podrá pagar el Precio de Compra (después de deducir la Comisión del Vendedor) al Vendedor tras haber enviado un aviso al Comprador por correo electrónico. En tal caso, el Comprador no tendrá el derecho a exigir que Artsvalua reembolse el Precio de Compra o pague cualquier compensación. El Vendedor estará obligado a mantener el Lote a disposición para su adquisición por el Comprador, por cuenta y riesgo del Comprador.


10.11 Si el Contrato de Compraventa se resuelve (“ ontbonden ”) por incumplimiento del Comprador de sus obligaciones de aceptar y colaborar con la entrega, esto no afectará a la obligación de pago de la Comisión del Comprador por parte del Comprador. En tal caso, el Comprador será responsable de todos los daños y gastos ocasionados por ello a Artsvalua, que ascenderán en todo caso a un importe igual a la Comisión del Vendedor que pierda Artsvalua. Además, el Comprador deberá pagar a Artsvalua una multa inmediatamente pagadera del 15 % del Precio de Compra, con un mínimo de 1000 € (mil euros). La multa no está sujeta a mitigación (judicial).


10.12 Artsvalua podrá compensar los importes mencionados en el Artículo 10.11 con el Precio de

Compra que se restituya al Comprador.


10.13 No obstante lo dispuesto en el Artículo 11.3 , el Comprador reconoce y acepta que en caso de

Contratos de Compraventa transfronterizos pueden aplicarse normas y/o condiciones especiales en relación con la importación de Lotes, incluidos, sin limitación, derechos de aduana, IVA, impuestos de importación y gastos de aduana. El Comprador deberá informarse sobre dichas normas con anterioridad a la celebración del Contrato de Compraventa. Los eventuales gastos adicionales en relación con lo anterior serán por cuenta del Comprador.

10.14 Las eventuales reclamaciones y litigios entre el Vendedor y el Comprador deberán comunicarse lo antes posible a Artsvalua. Aunque el Comprador y el Vendedor, en principio, deberán resolver sus litigios entre ellos, en caso necesario, Artsvalua realizará los esfuerzos razonables para intermediar entre el Vendedor y el Comprador. Si el Vendedor y el Comprador no llegan a una solución y Artsvalua sigue teniendo el Precio de Compra en su posesión, el Vendedor y el Comprador aceptan que Artsvalua tendrá la última palabra y podrá decidir si el Precio de Compra se restituye al Comprador o se paga al Vendedor. Al respecto, Artsvalua no deberá pagar ninguna indemnización o compensación al Comprador o al Vendedor. Artsvalua no será parte en ningún litigio.


11 Uso del Servicio

11.1 Cualquier uso del Servicio y la Plataforma Online será por cuenta y riesgo y responsabilidad del Usuario.


11.2 Al publicar Material del Usuario en la Plataforma Online o ponerlo a disposición a través del

Servicio, el Usuario garantizará que:

  • (I) está autorizado para ello y tiene derecho a otorgar a Artsvalua los derechos indicados en los presentes Términos y Condiciones;
  • (II) el Material del Usuario que ofrece:

a) no induce a error;

b) no es discriminatorio en relación con apariencia, raza, religión, sexo, cultura, origen, ni resulta ofensivo de otro modo, no incita a la violencia ni al acoso de otra persona personas y, en opinión de Artsvalua, no es contrario a la moral pública o el buen gusto, no es violento, no contiene ningún enlace a material pornográfico o páginas web pornográficas y no promueve la realización de actividades ilegales;

c) no contiene información personal sobre otras personas;

d) no se compone de cadenas de cartas, correo basura o spam y no contiene enlaces a páginas web, comerciales o de otro tipo;

e) no puede tener un efecto negativo en la reputación o buena fama de Artsvalua, las empresas vinculadas a ella y/o sus administradores;

f) no entra en conflicto con ninguna ley o reglamento, ni con los presentes Términos y Condiciones, no viola derechos de terceros, incluyendo derechos contractuales, Derechos de Propiedad Intelectual o derechos a la intimidad y no es ilícito de otro modo en relación con terceros o Artsvalua; Y

  • (III) Artsvalua no estará obligada a pagar ningún impuesto, gravamen oa practicar ninguna retención de ningún tipo a ninguna persona como consecuencia de ello, incluyendo personas y partes cuyo trabajo, diseño, marca o actuación se encuentren contenidos en su Material del Usuario, incluidas organizaciones de derechos colectivos.


11.3 Al utilizar el Servicio, el Usuario deberá cumplir toda la normativa nacional, europea e internacional aplicable, en particular, aunque sin limitarse a ello, en relación con sus actividades de puja, oferta, compra y venta de Lotes a través de la Plataforma Online.


11.4 El Usuario no procesará datos personales de otros Usuarios sin la autorización de dicho Usuario, por ejemplo, incluir a los Usuarios en una lista de correo sin su consentimiento expresa, o contactar con los Usuarios sin invitación previa para ello. El Usuario no utilizará los datos de contacto de otros Usuarios para enviar comunicaciones no solicitadas. Por cada infracción de esta disposición, el Usuario deberá abonar inmediatamente a Artsvalua una multa de 1000 € (mil euros).


11.5 El Usuario garantizará que, al utilizar el Servicio:


  • (I) no eludirá ni manipulará la Plataforma Online y el procedimiento de facturación de Artsvalua, por ejemplo, contactando directamente con otros Usuarios o terceros para celebrar un contrato de compraventa sin la intermediación de Artsvalua. En caso de incumplimiento de esta disposición, todos los Usuarios involucrados en dicha elusión o manipulación serán responsables de todos los daños y costes en los que incurra Artsvalua como consecuencia de ello y el importe de los mismos será, como mínimo, igual a la Comisión del Comprador y del Vendedor que pierda Artsvalua si el Lote fuera vendido;
  • (II) no utilizará virus, troyanos, gusanos, zombis u otro software u otros recursos técnicos que puedan causar daños al Servicio o la Plataforma Online o que puedan impedir el acceso al Servicio oa la Plataforma Online o tengan la intención de sortear medidas técnicas de protección;
  • (III) no realizará actividades que supongan una carga irrazonable y/o desproporcionada para la infraestructura del Servicio y/o impidan la funcionalidad del Servicio;
  • (IV) no realizará actividades que manipulen o menoscaben el sistema de revisión de Artsvalua;
  • (V) no utilizará aplicaciones que supervisen el Servicio y/o copien partes del mismo.


11.6 Por cada infracción del Artículo 11.5 y por cada día, incluida una fracción de un día, que persista tal infracción, el Usuario deberá abonar inmediatamente a Artsvalua una multa de 1.000 € (mil euros), sin perjuicio del derecho de Artsvalua de reclamar los daños efectivamente sufridos.


11.7 Todos los recursos técnicos necesarios para utilizar el Servicio, incluyendo, sin limitación, hardware y conexión a Internet, así como los costes de utilizarlo, serán exclusivamente por cuenta del Usuario.


12 Material del Usuario

12.1 El Usuario conservará todos los Derechos de Propiedad Intelectual de su Material del Usuario, pero, por el presente documento, otorga a Artsvalua una licencia gratuita, sin cargos, mundial, no exclusiva, a perpetuidad e irrevocable para comunicar al público y/o reproducir su Material del Usuario para todos los fines que Artsvalua estime necesarios, incluyendo, sin limitación, fines promocionales. Esta licencia no finalizará en cuanto el Usuario o Artsvalua eliminen la Cuenta del Usuario y/o el Usuario deje de utilizar el Servicio.


12.2 De conformidad con la licencia anteriormente indicada, el Usuario otorgará a Artsvalua, entre otras cosas, sin exclusión:

  • el derecho a traducir (automáticamente) (o encargar la traducción de) su Material del Usuario;
  • el derecho a que su Material del Usuario se imprima y/o se utilice en medios (sociales); Y
  • el derecho a utilizar su Material del Usuario para fines promocionales.


12.3 Siempre que sea aplicable y posible, por el presente documento, el Usuario renuncia a sus derechos morales en relación con el Material del Usuario.


12.4 El Usuario acepta que otros Usuarios puedan utilizar su Material del Usuario. Artsvalua no garantizará el cumplimiento de los presentes Términos y Condiciones por parte de los Usuarios.


12.5 El Usuario entiende y acepta que será responsable en relación con el Material del Usuario que publique en la Plataforma Online o ponga a disposición mediante el Servicio.

12.6 El Usuario entiende y acepta que Artsvalua no tiene ninguna obligación de comprobar o revisar el Material del Usuario de otros Usuarios. Por lo tanto, Artsvalua no tiene conocimiento de los contenidos de tal Material de Usuario, ni será responsable del mismo.


12.7 Si el Usuario considera que un Material del Usuario concreto es ilícito, podrá comunicarlo a Artsvalua. El Usuario podrá consultar más información sobre cómo presentar un informe.


12.8 Artsvalua se reservará el derecho a retirar Material del Usuario de la Plataforma Online o abreviarlo o adaptarlo de otro modo si lo estima necesario, sin que por ello asuma ninguna responsabilidad por el contenido del mismo, sin que por ello sea responsable de eventuales daños y sin tener la obligación de pagar ninguna indemnización. El presente Artículo no afectará a otros derechos y recursos de Artsvalua y Artsvalua se reservará el derecho a tomar ulteriores medidas (legales), incluyendo, sin limitación, proporcionar los datos personales del Usuario a terceros.


13 Disponibilidad e interrupción del Servicio

13.1 Artsvalua no garantiza que (todos los elementos) del Servicio y/o de la Plataforma Online estén disponibles en todo momento sin interrupciones o averías. Las averías en el Servicio podrán producirse, aunque no exclusivamente, como resultado de averías de la conexión de Internet o telefónica oa causa de virus o fallos/defectos. Artsvalua no asumirá ninguna responsabilidad de ningún tipo ni estará obligada a indemnizar al Usuario por ningún tipo de daño resultante de la no disponibilidad (temporal) o de la avería (temporal) del Servicio y/o de la Plataforma Online.


13.2 Artsvalua may, at any time, without notice, introduce modifications and / or procedural, technical, commercial or other improvements in the Service and / or the Online Platform, put (temporarily) out of service the Service and / or the Online Platform, and / or limit the use thereof, if deemed necessary, for example, for reasonably required maintenance of the Service and / or the Online Platform.


14 Intellectual Property Rights

14.1 The Intellectual Property Rights related to the Online Platform, the Service, the Information and the database, including, without limitation, the Intellectual Property Rights on texts, images, design, photographs, software, audiovisual materials and other Materials will correspond to Artsvalua or its licensees.


14.2 Subject to the conditions set forth in these Terms and Conditions, Artsvalua will grant the User a limited, personal, revocable, non-exclusive right, not subject to (sub) license and non-transferable to use the Service and view the Information in the form and in the format in which they are made available through the Service.


14.3 It is expressly forbidden to copy, make available, use for direct or indirect commercial purposes or use for any purpose other than for the purposes indicated in these Terms and Conditions the Service, the Online Platform, User Material that does not come from the User and / or Information and / or other data, except if Artsvalua or the corresponding party grants its express and written consent for it.


14.4 Except if expressly permitted in accordance with the legislation of mandatory application or with these Terms and Conditions or upon request or with the permission of Artsvalua, the User will not be authorized to decompile or reverse engineer the Service, the Online Platform and / or the source codes or object thereof.


14.5 Artsvalua may adopt technological measures to protect the Online Platform or the Service and / or specific parts thereof. The User may not eliminate or circumvent such technical protection measures, nor offer means to do so.


14.6 It is not allowed to eliminate, make illegible, hide or modify notifications or observations regarding Intellectual Property Rights.


14.7 Nothing in these Terms and Conditions may be construed as transferring any Intellectual Property Right to the User. The User may not perform activities that may infringe the Intellectual Property Rights of Artsvalua, Users and / or third parties, such as registering domain names, trademarks or keywords of Google Adwords that are similar or identical to any symbol in relation to which Artsvalua and / or the Users can enforce Intellectual Property Rights.


15 Right to participate

15.1 If a Lot is an original work of art, it is possible that a right of participation must be paid to the author of the work under the applicable copyright regulations. In such cases, the Buyer will assume the cost of the resale right, regardless of whether the Buyer is a professional of the art market or not. Therefore, the Buyer must pay the participation rights directly to the artist or the artist's representative, or, upon his first request, he must reimburse the party that has paid the right to participate to the artist or the artist's representative. Said reimbursement shall include the entire participation fee and any related expense, rate or tax.


16 Database

16.1 The collection of (personal) data of the Users, including the User Material and Information, that Artsvalua collects and displays in the Online Platform, is a legally protected database. Artsvalua is the author of the database and, accordingly, is the owner of the exclusive right to grant permission to:

  • the extraction or reuse of the entire database or a significant part (in qualitative or quantitative terms) of the contents thereof; Y
  • the repeated or systematic extraction or reuse of non-significant parts (in qualitative or quantitative terms) of the contents of the database, provided that this does not conflict with the normal exploitation of the database or unreasonably prejudices the interests legitimate of Artsvalua. The User may only extract or reuse information from the database if and to the extent permitted by these Terms and Conditions.


17 Allegedly illicit material report

17.1 Artsvalua will not be responsible for any damage in relation to the illegitimate use of the Online Platform or the Service. Artsvalua will only be obliged, under the conditions indicated below, to remove User Material that is manifestly unlawful after receiving a report.


17.2 Artsvalua has established a procedure through which Artsvalua can be informed of the presence of allegedly illicit User Material or a supposedly illegal activity in the Online Platform or the accessibility to them through the Online Platform and / or the Service "CONTACT "


17.3 Artsvalua reserves the right not to access a request to block or remove User Material or to stop an activity if it has reasonable grounds to doubt the accuracy of the report or the legitimacy of the evidence provided or if based on a Weighting of interests does not require Artsvalua to accede to such request. In this context, Artsvalua may, for example, request a court ruling from a competent court that proves that the User Material in question is manifestly unlawful.


17.4 Prior to the removal of any allegedly illegal User Material, Artsvalua may request and the notifying party shall provide additional information proving that the notifying party is, in fact, the rights holder, and Artsvalua may request and the notifying party shall provide a signed copy of a compensation statement for Artsvalua.


17.5 Artsvalua will not be a party in any way to any dispute between the User and any third party submitting a report.


17.6 If the User submits a report, the User shall exonerate Artsvalua and all companies related to it, as well as its board of directors, administrators, employees, representatives and successors in title, against any third party claim in relation to the blocking. or the withdrawal of User Material or the cessation of activities. The exoneration will also apply to all damages that Artsvalua suffers or may suffer or to the costs Artsvalua must face in relation to such claim, including, without limitation, any compensation for legal assistance costs.


17.7 Artsvalua will respect and protect the privacy of third parties who submit reports. All personal information communicated to you in the context of a report will always be treated as confidential and will only be used for the purpose of processing the report.


18 Privacy

18.1 When creating an Account and using the Service, the User will provide (personal) data to Artsvalua. This (personal) data will be stored and processed in accordance with the Artsvalua's Privacy Policy and applicable laws and regulations.


19 Responsibility

19.1 Artsvalua will not accept any liability for damages as a result of the provision of the Service, including, without limitation, damages resulting from or relating to the use of the Online Platform and / or the Service, or that are the result of an illegal act or that of another mode, provided that such exclusion of liability is allowed by the law of mandatory application.


19.2 Artsvalua will not accept any responsibility for the use of the services, products, applications or web pages made available by an External Service Provider, such as shipping and payment services and / or any problem between a User and any Service Provider. External It is the responsibility of the User to read the terms and conditions and / or the privacy policies of said External Service Providers before using them. The payment processing services for Sellers in the Online Platform are provided by bank transfer and are subject to the Agreement of accounts connected to tpv virtual bank and Sabadell and Deutsche-Bank banks that includes the terms of service of each entity. When selling at Artsvalua, you agree to comply with the obligations of the Services Agreement said entities, which may be modified by them from time to time.


19.3 Artsvalua will not accept any liability for damages suffered as a result of the conclusion of a Purchase Agreement by a Seller or a Buyer, including, but not limited to, damages caused by the User having entered into unfavorable contracts, for example, to pay for Lots acquired. a price higher than its real value or receive less than the expected value.


19.4 The only action that the User can take if he considers that he has suffered damage is to interrupt the use of the Service and eliminate his Account, subject to the provisions of Article 22.


19.5 To the extent that Artsvalua, despite the foregoing, is liable for damages of any kind, it will only be obliged to compensate the direct damages that the User suffers as a result of a breach or unlawful act attributable to Artsvalua. It will be understood exclusively by direct damages the material damages to goods, the reasonable costs incurred to prevent or limit the direct damages and the reasonable costs incurred to determine the cause of the damage, the responsibility, the direct damages and the form of repair.


19.6 If and to the extent that Artsvalua is obliged to pay damages of any kind, its liability will be limited in any case to the greater of the following amounts:

  • the total of the commissions received by Artsvalua from the User in question during the three-month period preceding the act giving rise to the responsibility or € 500 (five hundred euros).


19.7 This limitation of liability does not seek to exclude the liability of Artsvalua for gross negligence or willful misconduct of the Artsvalua itself ("own conduct") or its board of directors.


19.8 The right to claim compensation shall in all cases be subject to the condition that the User informs Artsvalua in writing of the damages as soon as possible after the first occurrence of the damages. The right to claim any compensation for damages against Artsvalua shall lapse by the mere passing of the term of twelve months from the date on which the damage appeared.


19.9 This Article will also apply to all companies linked to Artsvalua, as well as its

board of directors, administrators, employees, representatives and successors.


20 Guarantees and exonerations

20.1 The User shall be liable to Artsvalua and exempts Artsvalua from all liability for all damages and costs incurred by Artsvalua as a result of:

  • an imputable breach of the Terms and Conditions by the User,
  • any act by the User when using the Service or
  • an illicit act.


All expenses incurred and damages suffered by Artsvalua that in any way relate to such claims, will be compensated by the User.


20.2 The User will guarantee that the User Material that he shares through the Service is free of encumbrances and that he is not subject to Intellectual Property Rights of third parties, and that the User's Material does not violate any rights of third parties and that the use of it is not unlawful in any other way against third parties.


20.3 The User shall exonerate Artsvalua from any claim by third parties for any concept in relation to the compensation for damages, costs, interests, taxes, liens and / or withholdings in relation to or as a result of its User Material, its use of the Platform. Online, the Service and / or a breach of these Terms and Conditions and / or other rights of third parties, including, but not limited to, Intellectual Property Rights.


20.4 The obligations of exoneration of liability established in this Article will also apply to all companies linked to Artsvalua, as well as its board of directors, administrators, employees, representatives and successors.


21 Duration and resolution

21.1 The User may stop using the Service and delete his Account at any time. Artsvalua may refuse to eliminate your Account if the User still has obligations pending compliance (for example, obligations of payment or delivery), either against Artsvalua or against other Users.


21.2 If the User violates these Terms and Conditions, Artsvalua may limit, suspend or deactivate, totally or partially, whether temporarily or not and with immediate effect, the activities of the User in relation to the Service, finalize and / or eliminate temporary or permanently your Account, send a warning, terminate the Service or refuse to provide the Service to the User, in addition to other legal actions whatsoever that correspond to Artsvalua. Because of the foregoing, Artsvalua will not assume any liability or obligation of compensation for damages against the User.


22 Miscellaneous; applicable legislation and competent court

22.1 These General Conditions are subject to the provisions of Law 7/1998, of April 13, on General Contracting Conditions, Law 3/2014, of March 27, which modifies the revised text of the Law General for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, to Royal Decree 1906/1999, of December 17, 1999, by which the Contracting is regulated Telephone or Electronic with general conditions, Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data, Law 7/1996, of January 15 of Retail Trade Regulation, reformed by Law 47/2002 , of December 19, and Law 34/2002 of July 11, Services of the Information Society and Commerce  Electronic.It will exclusively apply the Spanish legislation to the Terms and Conditions, to the use of the Service and the Online Platform, to any controversy derived from it, as well as to all the Purchase Agreements between the Sellers and Buyers, unless another is established. thing in the imperative laws.  


22.2 The Users recognize that the rules of private international law may entail that (also) other legislation other than Spanish legislation is applicable to transactions with other Users, in particular to transactions with Consumers.


22.3 All disputes that may arise between the User and Artsvalua will be submitted to the competent court of Barcelona, ​​unless the rules of mandatory law establish that the dispute must be submitted to another court. In relation to Consumers, disputes will be submitted to the competent court of Barcelona, ​​unless the Consumer chooses the court that according to the law would be competent within a month after Artsvalua invokes in writing the application of this provision.


22.4 It may also be agreed by common agreement that a Consumer submit a dispute with Artsvalua or another User, to an extrajudicial dispute settlement body (see the web pages of the ODR Platform for more information). In relation to the foregoing, Artsvalua shall act in good faith, although in no case may it be obliged to submit to such procedures.


22.5 Artsvalua may transfer rights and obligations deriving from these Terms and Conditions to third parties and shall inform the User thereof. If the User does not consider this transfer of obligations to a third party acceptable, the User may cease using the Service and delete his Account, subject to the provisions of Article 21.


22.6 If any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions are totally or partially invalid or invalid for any other reason, the User and Artsvalua will be bound by the remaining part of the Terms and Conditions. Artsvalua will replace the null and / or invalid part (in what refers to the specific User or the specific situation) by valid clauses and whose legal effects, taking into account the content and meaning of these Terms and Conditions correspond as much as possible with the invalid part.



23 Contact

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