Jukebox. Seeburg. V-200. 1955.



The Seeburg V-200, marketed in August 1955, was the first jukebox with a 200-selection arrangement.

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Jukebox. Seeburg. V-200. 1955.

Shortly after, and given the success obtained with this model, Seeburg released the VL-200 on the market, with some small design differences compared to its predecessor, such as the finish of the cabinet and the color of some exposed parts of the mechanism. Therefore, this "deluxe" jukebox, marketed in October 1956, included all the technological novelties of its predecessor, with improved details and finishes.

Thanks to its large curved glass dome, the record changer with a soft backlight and the rotating title cards, as well as the pleasant lights of the indicator plates on the sides, are visible.


· Height: 147 cm

· Width: 95 cm

· Depth: 72 cm

· Weight: 145 kg

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Jukebox. Seeburg. V-200. 1955.

Jukebox. Seeburg. V-200. 1955.

The Seeburg V-200, marketed in August 1955, was the first jukebox with a 200-selection arrangement.

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