Ford. F100. Long. 5000cc. 1976.



Year of manufacture: 1976.

Type of change: Automatic steering wheel.

Color:Blue, interior: original

Registered Historic. Such as it is.

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The fifth generation of the Ford F-Series is a line of pickup trucks and commercial trucks produced from 1967 to 1972 by Ford Motor Company. Built on the same platform at the end of the trucks the F-series fourth generation, the fifth generation had sharper lines of styling, a bigger cab and greenhouse, and the engine options expanded.

Three trim levels were available during the production of the F-series fifth generation, although the names were changed in 1970. Model "Base" became "Custom", "Cab Custom" became "Sport Custom" joining "Ranger" as optional levels of equipment and finish. To the last hour of the production of the equipment level Ranger was updated with the additional option "Ranger".


Fifth generation Ford F-Series

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Ford Motor Company

It is also called

Mercury M-Series


1971-1992 (Brazil)


Valencia, Carabobo , Venezuela Assembly ( Valencia )
Cuautitlan , Mexico
Dearborn, Michigan , USA
Edison, New Jersey , USA
Kansas City, Missouri , USA
Long Beach, California , USA
Assembly Norfolk ( Norfolk, Virginia , USA)
St. Paul, Minnesota , USA
St. Louis, Missouri , USA
General Pacheco , Argentina ( Ford Argentina )
São Paulo , Brazil ( Ford Brazil )
Hapeville, Georgia , USA
Louisville, Kentucky , USA
San Jose, California , USA
Wayne, Michigan , USA
Oakville, Ontario Assembly ( Oakville ), Canada
Broadmeadows , Australia ( Ford Australia )

Body and chassis


Full-size pickup truck

Physical Attributes

2-door truck
4-door truck


Front-engine , rear-wheel drive / four-wheel drive



240 CID (3.9 L) I6
300 CID (4.9 L) I6
352 CID (5.8 L) FE V8
360 CID (5.9 L) FE V8
390 CID (6.4 L) FE V8
302 CID (4.9 L) Windsor V8


Distance between axes

100: 115,0 in (2921 mm) (short bed)
100: 131,0 in (3327 mm) (long bed)
250: 131,0 in (3327 mm)
350: 135,0 in (3429 mm) (short) 159,0 in (4039 mm) (long)



Ford F-Series fourth generation (1961-1966)


Ford F-Series sixth generation (1973-1979)



Year-to-year changes

  • 1967: introduction of the new design. Cab is 3 "wider than predecessor and frame is heavier. Grill, trim, exterior, accessories interior cab and engine options are exclusive of this year. The trim levels are" base "," cab-usual, "and" ranger ".
  • 1968: federal regulations require all car manufacturers to add reflectors or side marker lights, Ford redesigned the emblems for the hood to incorporate reflectors as well as reflectors added to the rear of the bed. Interior fittings changed due to the new safety standards. The new engine versions of FAITH added. (360 truck and 390) First year of factory-installed AC, previous years were installed by the dealer.
  • 1969: new design grille, new engine option, added the 302.
  • 1970: mid-updated design of life, many changes in the details, including a new grill including surround intermittent front, changes of outdoor equipment, side marker lights, "Sport Custom" trim replaces "Custom Cab" and "Ranger" trim level added.
  • 1971: new inserts, grille, new design of steering wheel, new colours, new AM / FM radios optional.
  • 1972: changes in the minor details, power brakes with optional 4-wheel-drive models, the final year of production in the united States.

The special models

After the 1968 models, Ford discontinued the versions "GVWR low". Still available was the option Special Camper, (cooling of high resistance, camper pre-wiring, and larger alternator) along with the new Explorer special (a court of limited edition and a package option that combines many of the decorative pieces, "Ranger", with a total price lower) , Farm, Contractor's special (including a behind-the-box security tools, and 3/4 ton (F-250) suspension) , and Ranch Special, (tool boxes are extra springs and heavy duty) and high-strength special. (Extra hauling skills) These special models have various levels of options installed at the factory to attract different target groups.


  • F-100: 1/2 ton (to 5,500 GVWR maximum)
  • F-100: 1/2 ton (4x4) (5.600 GVWR maximum)
  • F-250: 3/4 ton (up to 8.100 GVWR maximum)
  • F-250: 3/4 ton (4 × 4) (7.700 GVWR maximum)
  • F-350: 1 ton (up to 10,000 GVWR maximum), dual rear wheel available
  • Options of bed:

Styleside F-100 and F-250. 6.5 'and 8' lengths.

Flareside on all models, with 6.5 ', 8' and 9 '(only F-350) lengths.

Platform game in the F-250 and F-350 in lengths of 9 'and 12'.

  • Options cabin:

Cockpit standard on all models.

Dual cab with seating for six and four-door optional on F-250 and F-350.


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Ford. F100. Long. 5000cc. 1976.

Ford. F100. Long. 5000cc. 1976.

Year of manufacture: 1976.

Type of change: Automatic steering wheel.

Color:Blue, interior: original

Registered Historic. Such as it is.

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